• 125 Years of National Geographic Photos

    In October 1888, the National Geographic Society published its very first magazine. Their focus would be to bring the world of adventure and exploration to the homes of their subscribers. Over the past hundred and twenty five years NatGeo has showcased some of the most compelling and important photos of the past century, taking the first underwater color photo, aswell as the first photo taken after the first ascent up Everest. Kicking off their 125th issue, they’ll be releasing their photography issue, a collection of some of their best work. to spin off this they’ll also be launching PROOF, a photo-sharing platform where hotographers can send images to National Geographic.

  • National Geographic Auction: 125 Years of Photography

    National Geographic magazine has brought the people and places of our immense planet into the homes through its photos since 1888. Printed in 37 languages, and instantly recognizable by the yellow-bordered cover, the magazine is revered for its world-class imagery, showcasing the talents of its intrepid photographers. Now they’re offering up an online-only auction (July 19-29) which will feature exclusive negatives and rare photos that have never seen the light. Check out the auction at Nat Geo Boundless

  • National Geographic’s Top 30 Photos of 2012

    Tip: navigate using the ← left and right → arrow keys National Geographic is known to hire the best photographers walking the globe to snap photos of nature at it’s finest. Here are the best photos from this year.


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