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32 Unrecognizable Photos Of Brooklyn In The 1970s

From 1972 to 1977, the Environmental Protection Agency sponsored DOCUMERICA, a project set up to “photographically document subjects of environmental concern.” Like the FSA photographers of the New Deal era, many of the DOCUMERICA photographers interpreted this to be a broader “document America in all its forms” type of project.…

Billings 1913

5 Lost Mansions of Uptown Manhattan

Nowadays when people think Manhattan, they invariably think two out of three following things: tall buildings, overpopulation and pollution. Listen, I love the Big Apple — greatest city in the world! But it also lives up to every stereotype of what is wrong with American big city over-consumerism. Does there…


Street Artist Invader Returns To NYC

French street artist Invader, whose tiled mosaics have the pixelated look of classic arcade game Space Invaders (hence the name), has returned to New York City. He has “invaded” the city four times in the past — he was even arrested during his last visit in 2013 — and spotting…

pope shirt

This Pope Merchandise Is Getting Out Of Hand

Despite the fact that Pope Francis is adamantly opposed to unbridled capitalism, that doesn’t seem to be stopping just about everyone from cashing in on some high-quality, vintage Pontifex memorabilia. I mean, this is America after all. Some of the memorabilia is beginning to make its way online in preparation for His Holiness’s…