• GoPro + The NHL’s Best Players = A Jaw Dropping Skills Showcase

    The National Hockey League and the NHL Players’ Association announced a North American partnership with GoPro, which mean’s we’ll most likely be getting real-time NHL game action with GoPro footage soon enough. In the meantime, the NHL called upon some of it’s most talented players to knock around and show off their skills. The speed at which these players can handle the puck is nothing short of mind boggling. P.K. Subban, the Montreal Canadian’s premiere defenseman, weighs in at 220lbs, but looks as though he’s skating in fast forward in this footage. Other notable stars include shots from the perspectives of Patrice Bergeron, Sidney Crosby, Taylor Hall, Patrick Kane, Henrik Lundqvist, TJ Oshie, Alex Ovechkin, Zach Parise, Tuukka Rask, Tyler Seguin, and Jonathan Toews. We have a feeling the NHL All-Star game will be chalk full of these shots.

  • Simpsons Characters As NHL Team Logos

    Graphic designer and Instagram user ak47_studios reimagined all 30 NHL team logos as Simpsons characters. How did he handle your favorite team? I’ve got to say, I’m pretty satisfied with the Jersey Ned Devils. Check out more great artwork from ak47_studios on Instagram, including Nintendo 8-bit versions of NBA teams and breakfast cereal characters as NFL team logos. Source: ak47_studios 

  • The Puck Opener

    The NHL finals are finally upon us just in time for summer. So if you don’t want to shell out $1,000 to attend the games in New York or LA, enjoy them in the sanctity of your own home. Buy a few brewskis and crack them open with the Puck Opener, a game playable puck with its core cut out to make room for a bottle opener. Crafted in Buffalo, the Puck Opener is so solid you can play an actual game with it. Comes with an option of eight custom graphics, including the U.S. flag, Canadian leaf, three old time in-action players, two Buffalo tribute pucks and a blank standard puck. Game on. The Puck Opener  

  • ‘Prankster’ Perry Fills Jeff Carter’s Glove with Water, Fun is Had

    Anaheim Ducks forward Corey Perry squirts water into the glove of Los Angeles Kings forward Jeff Carter when he is not looking during a stoppage of play. Perry and Carter are teammates on international ice and know each other very well, but this is what Carter had to say about Perry’s on ice play and antics, “Corey Perry’s a little rat,” Carter told Mayor’s Manor on Feb. 2. Presumably with a smile and a head shake. “I know him really well, but he’s a rat on the ice.”

  • NHL’s Good Friday Massacre Turns 30 [Video]

    On Easter weekend 1984, the Quebec Nordiques and Montreal Canadiens faced off in the second round of the NHL playoffs. Fights between the regional rivals continuously broke out for the first two periods before leading to a bench-clearing brawl at the end of the second period. When the teams returned for the third period, another fight broke out before play could even begin. Players who should have been ejected from the previous fight were still on the ice because referee Bruce Hood was late in announcing penalties. His handling, or rather mishandling, of the situation led to his retirement after the playoffs that year. In total, 10 players were ejected and 252 penalty minutes were incurred. Worst of all for the Nordiques, the Canadiens, who were down before the brawls, ended up scoring all 5 of their goals in the third period, winning 5-3.

  • Rangers, Isles and Devils Gear up for the NHL Stadium Series at Yankee Stadium

    This winter the NHL is embarking on a country wide series of outdoor games, the Rangers will face the Devils on Jan. 26, 2014, at 12:30 p.m., and go up against the Islanders on Jan. 29th at 7:30 p.m. Other games around the country consist of  the Los Angeles Kings versus the Anaheim Ducks at Dodger Stadium on January 25th and the Pittsburgh Penguins versus the Chicago Blackhawksat Soldier Field on March 1st. We had an opportunity to chat with Carl Hagelin and Mats Zuccarello of the Rangers and NHL greats, Jean Potvin and Grant Marshall about playing an outdoor game at the worlds most famous baseball stadium. Tickets for both games are available at NHL Stadium Series Tickets

  • 14 Awe-Inspiring Athletic Performances of 2013

    Athletically, 2013 was a three hundred and sixty five day span of time that was collectively awe-inspiring. From the resurgent Boston baseballers to Peyton Manning making a late-career case of superiority in his more than a decade-long rivalry with Tom Brady, there were plenty of moments that made fans—with their mouths agape—go, “HOW IN GOD’S NAME DID HE DO THAT?!”

  • The 11 Most Captivating Games of the 2013 Sports Year

    A multi-billion dollar industry, the world of mass spectator sports is truly an integral part of American society—inspiring fans to rabidly cheer, disapprovingly jeer, and become collectively energized. What fuels this phenomenon are the games that become etched into the lore of their respective sport; when the mental torment of watching a team struggle through a difficult season culminates in a fatigue-awash victory. The best games of 2013 fit such a criteria. And, with so many team-wide moments that prove to viewers the value of hard work, RSVLTS has gathered a Top 11 list to give 2013 a Norse Funeral-like send off.

  • 10 Athletes You Need To Know In 2014

    The world of athletics can be likened to a grand cycle—one where, as old players retire, new generations emerge to occupy the open void. Whether still in college or emerging as standout professionals, upstart athletes are the players that get sports’ fan base energized; eager to watch the latest young sensation. And, as a part of the RSVLTS Yearbook13 event; we have gathered a list of all the latest—as Dick Vitale phrases it—“Diaper Dandies” that look ready to electrify the sports world in 2014.

  • The 10 Biggest Blockbuster Sports Deals of 2013

    With each passing year, there is one thing that is guaranteed in sports; massive amounts of money will be spent. Whether on a team-seeking superstar, who can bring a franchise’s championship aspirations to fruition or by a wealthy entrepreneur taking new ownership of a club, money is required to make either of the aforementioned transactions. In 2013, there were many instances of massive spending for the sake of bolstering the already considerable fanbase of spectator sports. What were the most notable, you ask? Well, look no further than Yearbook13, responds RSVLTS.

  • Adam Pardy Got Checked through the Glass, Helmet Stolen and Beer Poured on Him Last Night

    Adam Pardy of the Winnepeg Jets had a rough night. First he had the unfortunate luck of getting checked against the boards and have the glass fall out on to the fans with ice side seats. Then one hilariously ballsy fan took it upon himself to rip the helmet off Pardy’s head and wear it himself. Not, but a second after that another Chicago fan thought it would be in good taste to pour a beer on the head of now helmetless Adam. A series of unfortunate events for Adam Pardy. Fitting it was on the 20th anniversary of the fan man in Chicago.

  • The 11 Worst Uniform Decisions Made By Sports Franchises

    In sports, tradition is always regarded as important. Teams are always looking to tread into new territory while still acknowledging their origins. But, some origins are—well—prettier than others. Hence, some of the more gruesome throwback uniforms are as follows:

  • 16 Professional Athletes In Film: The Good, The Bad, and The Cringingly Reprehensible

    Athletes love the spotlight—something that is given by the fact that they compete whilst being spectated by millions. Given the aforementioned fact, it seems obvious that many athletes would try and garner more publicity via Hollywood’s legendary silver screen. And—as one would have guessed—many athletes have done so. This list will be going over some notable films that athletes have appeared in—the good, the bad, and the cringingly reprehensible. Before beginning, it must be noted that this list only covers films. So, such TV series as “The Rifleman” starring Major League Baseball pitcher Chuck Connors will be excluded.

  • The Longest Professional Sports Careers

    The average playing career for an NFL players is 3.5 years, the average MLB career is 5.6 years, the average NBA career is 4.8 years, and the average NHL career is 5.5 years. Playing in one of the major four American sports takes a toll on a person’s body that is nearly unfathomable. The aforementioned being established, it is truly an incredible feat when an athlete exceeds the career length average of their respective league. The praiseworthy nature of such a feat is heightened when athletes break their sport’s average career length by a sizable amount. Hence, it is the intent of this article to explore the athletes whose Herculean fortitude has seen them experience generation-bridging careers. But first, those worthy of an honorable mention will be listed. A Pair of NHL Legends: Considered the greatest hockey player to ever play the sport, Gretzky’s career lasted from 1978-1999. And, one of his most notable teammates makes the final list. But, Gretzky is unfortunately trumped by other NHL greats for the primary portion of the list. Moreover, Martin Brodeur—the greatest goalie in hockey history—misses the list by the mere span of a year. But, the fact that he hasn’t retired clearly more »

  • Top 10 Matchups of Athletes Returning to a Former Team

    Ask any professional athlete; there is always some level of animosity when facing a former team. A sportsman’s competitive nature always forces them to compete, but situations where players face teams for which they previously played are especially amplified with intensity. The following matchups are examples of highly publicized first matchups between a notable player and his former team. Mostly, players on this list managed to perform to a reasonably high level of performance. However, some managed to make it on the list due to the sheer highly publicized nature of the bitter reunion. Hence, not all players on this list managed to perform highly in their first matchup against their former team. Furthermore, there is one instance where the player’s new team was trumped by their former team. However, all of the following reunion matchups were highly publicized at the time of their happening. The list is as follows: 10. Jeremy Lin Returns to New York There was a time when Jeremy Lin dominated sports headlines—the birth of the national sensation known as “Linsanity”. During his hot streak with the New York Knicks, Lin was reputed as a breakout superstar that was performing feats of seemingly divine magnitude. ESPN more »

  • NHL 94 Anniversary Mode for NHL 14 Brings Back Memories of Lawless Videogames

    The glory days of videogames put the EA NHL series at the top of the food chain. Mostly because it was the wild west of rules, no offsides, no icing, hit the goalie, kill the goalie, skate down the ice and just before the hash marks, cut to the middle and the goalie will be so awestruck by such a deep cut, his bewilderment will leave him helpless. You couldn’t turn foul balls off in RBI Baseball or Offsides in Madden. That was the beauty of living in a video game world with no rules. Well retro mode is back in the new NHL 14 game and we cant wait to play online and cheeseball (skate down the ice, hook around the net leaving the goalie stuck against the post and wah-lah, open net). The game showcasesblue ice, classic star-shaped player indicators, 16-bit arena powerbars, no adboards, and throwback organ music.

  • The Value of Professional Sports Trophies (infographic)

    Each professional sports championship trophy is priceless from a historical and sentimental value standpoint. but what about weight in melted down value. All of the trophies, with exception to Lord Stanley’s Cup were created in the late ’60s early ’70s, welded together in the fires of Mordor. We’ll maybe not, but each holds significant meaning to each sport and are cherished like relics of ancient times. Side note; Each ring around the Stanley Cup is engraved with the names of each player and coach of it’s winner and when there is not more room, the oldest ring is removed and retired at the Hockey Hall of Fame, to bring in a new era of champions.

  • Gretzky vs Lemieux: The Best NHL Player of All Time (Infographic)

    The Great One is The Great One, everyone knows this, but was he really the best NHL player to ever play the game? This infographic, by Medical Insurance (of all websites), shows the comparison of Wayne “The Great One” Gretzky vs “Super” Mario Lemieux and the results may surprise you. Mario had to put his career to a halt because of a battle with cancer, but came back stronger and arguably better in his twilight years. The deal breaker in the match might have to go to hotter daughter, in which case, we know who the winner is.

  • NHL Opening Weekend (25 High Quality Photos)

    Hockey is finally back and with a shortened schedule and more divisional games, this season promises to be a high octane, rival packed whirlwind. We ain’t complaining about it. Take a look at 25 photos that make us glad the coolest sport in the world is back.

  • Our NHL Anticipation Meter Just Broke

    With the return of the NHL less than a week away we’ve turned our anger for abandonment into anticipation for seeing moves like this. For the past few months, our only outlet for contemporary hockey highlights left us venturing overseas, where a good slice of European NHL players migrated to during the lockout. With that, the NHL players are all but settled in back in the States and Canada, but the overseas highlights still keep rolling in, literally, watch this clip. Jori Lehtera at the KHL All-Star game pulling a Houdini on Rastislav Stana, who played a season with the Washington Capitols.

  • Steven Stamkos’ 60-Goal Season [Infographic]

    Steven Stamkos elevated his game in 2011-12 to put himself in the company of NHL’s all-time elite. Stamkos called his historic season by scoring a franchhise record 60 goals. He became just the seventh player in NHL history to record 600 goals before his 23rd birthday, joining superstars Wayne Gretzky, Pavel Bure, Mike Bossy, Mario Lemieux, Teemu Selanne and Alex Ovechkin to achieve the milestone. Below is an in-depth review of the Lightning superstar’s incredible season and a breakdown of how he recorded each of his 60 goals. Hat tip to the NHL for creating such an incredible infographic.

  • Birthplace Of Every NHL Player On Google Maps

    Someone with a ton of time on his hands made a fascinating Google Map of where each player in the NFL is from. Each point on the map is the birthplace of one or more NHL players. Click on a point to see all of the players from there. View The Map Here h/t Reddit

  • NHL: A Year in Photos

    The NHL Playoffs are just around the corner. With the great season the players have shown us already, the playoffs promise to be some of the best hockey we’ve seen in years. Here’s a season breakdown in Hi-Res photos.


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