• We Shed Some Light on Oakley’s Revolutionary Prizm Goggle Lenses

    This winter Oakley will be premiering a new line of Prizm goggle lens that will forever change depth and contour perception when on the mountain. We had a chance to test out, just how ‘real’ the technology was and we we’re thoroughly impressed to say the least. If you’re familiar with goggles and snowsports, then you know any jump or cut you make in bright sun, overcast or sun & clouds is like playing roulette depending on the type of goggle you’re wearing. Especially in back country skiing or boarding, bobbing and weaving through trees in a constantly changing lit terrain, wearing the wrong goggle could lead to serious injury. What Oakley is attempting to do with Prizm is enhance contrast and visibility through awide range of light conditions, showing true shadows and contours in the snow. Your ACL will thank you later. With Prizm’s level of clarity your eye will be able to catch every detail in the snow instead of getting lost in the flat, low contrast whiteness of the snow, tailoring the amount of light that you see, in turn increasing contrast. The Oakley Prizm line will be available on most of Oakley’s line of Goggles including Airbrake, Crowboar, more »

  • Oakley Built Bubba Watson A Bulletproof Ford Raptor

    Meet Bubba Watson’s badass bulletproof 2013 Ford Raptor. Promoting the Oakley brand (thanks to the massive logo stamped on the front grille) while also providing Bubba with a nearly indestructible vehicle to protect his family, Oakley once again hit a homerun with this marketing endeavor. The Raptor has been decked out in a digital camouflage paint job paired with stealthy black wheels, and an interior that’s draped in Bubba’s favorite color – lime green. The truck has been equipped with bulletproof glass and kevlar inserts, and took the sunglasses maker nearly 6 months to complete.

  • Oakley Seeks to Disrupt Eyewear Industry with Groundbreaking Innovations (36 HQ Photos)

    Recently performance focused brand, Oakley, unveiled a new campaign focusing on breaking down the doors of innovation with their new “Disruptive by Design” campaign focusing on three major game changing product developments for 2014. “We will open our blast doors for the first time, celebrate our legacy and culture of disruption, and set out our blueprint for future innovation.” Said Oakley CEO and Chief Mad Scientist Colin Baden. “We now have our sights set on three key innovation pillars: Enhanced Vision, Digital Eyewear and Customization. This is the beginning of a new era of brave design and disruptive technologies from Oakley.” The details of which ended there. The “Disruptive by Design” event was more of a homage to past innovations than outlook into the future for the brand, but like all progressive visionaries, the Oakley brand is keeping it’s secrets close to the chest. The event was filled with Oakley Athletes past and present with the likes of Bubba Watson, Shaun White and Lindsay Vaughn walking the carpet. Road race cyclist legend, Greg LeMond and motocross hall of famer Johnny O’Mara were also on hand to pay their respects. Global advertising is scheduled for March 2014 and is said to more »

  • The Oakley Heritage Collection

    Oakley recently released a retro-tastic line of sunglasses from their heritage collection. The three frames weren’t simply released because their the coolest retro shades we’ve ever seen, but because it’s a symbolic year for the brand that innovated the active sunglasses. The OG of sports focused sunglasses made their first appearance at the Tour de France When LeMond earned 2nd Overall in 1985 (and 1st in the Combination classification) with the Oakley Eyeshades, a revolutionary step in active focused eyewear that paved the way for the rest of the world. This year Oakley is producing a limited line of the three models that changed the game forever in three retro style colorways. Eyeshades Featuring “2014” inside the frame, this edition of our world-first performance eyewear is engineered with improved nose pad construction. It comes with two sets of earstems (curved and straight) plus a guitar pick that is meant to serve as a tool for swapping out the stems. Customers also get a collectors pin and sticker. Razor Blades Oakley Razor Blades continued the revolution that Eyeshades began. The Heritage Collection has Razor Blades in multiple lens/frame color combinations, and each collectible comes with both straight and “trigger” shaped earstems more »

  • Oakley’s Snowmad R.A.D. Backpack

      Winter is coming and it’s time you start putting thought into all the pow you’ll be shredding on the slopes. Oakley’s game changing Snowmad R.A.D. Backpack has a ski carry and vertical board carry that lets you haul gear easily and it’s Snowpulse® Removable Airbag System will inflates in the event of an avalanche to improve chances of rescue and survival. If you’re a blue square kind of guy and avalanches aren’t really a fear of yours this backpack still has a ton of relevant features including multiple specialized pockets store gear and tools safely and keep them organized, including goggles and media items and a hydration system that gives you easy access to water. Buy it now: $225.00

  • The Oakley Airwave 1.5 Combines GPS, Bluetooth and Speed Analytics

    The Oakley Airwave revolutionized the performance goggle game last year, with technologies like a heads up display that integrates GPS, Bluetooth, speed, jump analytics and a bevy more of tech forward gadgets and gizmos. This year, they’ve upped the ante with a more fluid interface, WiFi and better connectivity to bluetooth, basically polishing up the original Airwave in the spots Oakley noticed issues.   On top of  the tech improvements Oakley created a more comfortable form fitting goggle. The chassis is made of durable O Matter and Oakley’s O-Flow Arch technology to reduce nasal pressure, so if you’re on the slopes from day break to dusk, your face wont feel like it. The 1.5 also come with Switchlock, a hinge that allows you to change lenses quick and hassle-free to adjust your tints with the elements, which has been Oakley’s forte from the beginning.   ·         Heads-Up Display: Airwave delivers crisp, widescreen graphics. Due to the innovative prism technology, the displayed information will appear as though you’re looking at a 14-inch display from a distance of five feet, so refocusing your eye is not necessary.  The heads-up display is designed for an unobtrusive view, and semi-flush lens geometry ensures wide peripheral more »

  • Oakley Cloverleaf

    This heat-adjustable acetate frame blends a dash of retro with a dose of intellectual cool, the kind that turns ideas into billion-dollar breakthroughs. With rounded lens orbitals that push the vertical dimension, you’ll have a bigger view of the world, along with a look that cuts no corners with comfort or originality. Available in three sizes, Cloverleaf combines the comfort of durably lightweight acetate with metal icon accents and the secure fit of spring hinges.

  • Indestructible Carbon Fiber Flask From Macallan and Oakley

    Well, talk about perfect timing! We’re out at the Honda Classic in West Palm Beach with Oakley and today we’ll be checking out all the action from the rowdy Bear Trap at the 17th Green. Think of the Bear Trap as the East Coast’s answer to Phoenix Open’s Bird’s Nest. Thousands of fans drinking all day in the Sun saying everything imaginable to distract the Golfers. It’s a truly unique experience. To be properly prepared for this all day boozefest we will need to get our hands on this newly released carbon fiber flask created by Macallan in collaboration with Oakley. Boozin’ at the Bear Trap with all the beautiful babies and party animals is free but if we decide to peel off and follow Tiger around the course it would be nice to have a little something something within reach. The Macallan Flask protects your precious whisky from anything you can throw at it with a combination of durable, lightweight materials including food grade steel, aerospace-grade aluminum, and the carbon fiber we’ve all come to know and love from Oakley. Sure, it costs about $900 but can you really put a price on protecting your precious liquid gold? Photo via: hiconsumption.com

  • Red Bull Ultra Natural Highlights Have FINALLY Arrived [Video]

    It’s about time! As we stated earlier this week, Gigi Ruf went head-to-head with the world’s best snowboarders and landed first place in this year’s Red Bull Ultra Natural. The future of Snowboarding competitions wrapped up last weekend at Baldface Lodge in British Columbia and Red Bull has released the highlights. We don’t understand how these riders, who are continuing to expand the sport every time they set foot on a mountain, can ride the lines they do with such reckless abandon. The highlight reel shows us some amazing footage from the weekend, including scenes from Gigi’s winning run. Red Bull Ultra Natural will air in its entirety on March 30th on NBC. But until then, enjoy the video below.

  • Breathtaking snowboard crash of 2013 Red Bull Ultra Natural winner Gigi Ruf

    Yesterday, the world’s best snowboarders descended upon Baldface Lodge in British Columbia and competed in Red Bull Ultra Natural.  In only its second year of existence, Red Bull Ultra Natural, created by snowboarding legend Travis Rice, has already become a highly-respected competition with both riders and fans of this ever-growing sport.  We at RSVLTS believe that this event will be the future of competitive snowboarding.  Gigi Ruf went head-to-head with riders like Travis Rice, Mark McMorris and Torstein Horgmo to take the top spot in this year’s competition.  We are anxiously waiting for the footage to come back but here is a vintage video of Gigi crashing in the backcountry to get us excited.

  • RSVLTS x Oakley Hit the Slopes with Fall ’13 Line

    After one of the most hyped X-Games of all time, Oakley was gracious enough to let us tag along with some of their pro boarders for a day at Snowmass, Aspen. The day started out with some great breakfast grub at the Oakley Athlete House. Buttermilk oatmeal pancakes, bacon, sausage and fresh fruit isn’t a bad way to start out a day of shredding on the mountain. After a few runs, lunch was served at a quaint cabin in the middle of the mountain and we got to shoot the breeze with some athletes about their new gear. Great conditions and some fresh Fall ’13 Oakley snow line makes for some great photos.

  • RSVLTS Venture Guide: South Lake Tahoe

    We spent a glorious week in South Lake Tahoe at Heavenly Village. The seven day mancation gave us ample time to see the town and experience everything. From food to skiing to partying. If you need to take a vacation with your bros this is the place to do it and we’ve got your cheat sheet to having a good time.

  • We’re At The 2013 Winter X-Games In Aspen! Follow Our Live Instagram Feed

    On Friday we took a 6:00 am flight out of Newark headed to Aspen, CO for the Winter X-Games.We’ll be in town until Monday with Oakley testing out their latest gear and covering all the action on the slopes. Follow along on Instagram @RSVLTS as we post photos from the weekend or bookmark this post so you can see the feed. @RSVLTS Instagram Feed @Oakley Instagram Feed #Xgames Instagram Feed Torstein Horgmo’s Instagram Feed

  • Oakley Teaches Alessandra Ambrosio How To Snowboard at Sundance

    Alessandra Ambrosio has mastered the modeling runway and now she is getting her kicks on the slopes. While in town for the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah on Saturday Ambrosio, who famously wore the $2.5 million fantasy bra at the 2012 Victoria’s Secret fashion show, threw on some fresh Oakley gear and hit the slopes with snowboarding pro Danny Kass at the Oakley Learn to Ride. Oakley Learn to Ride is a collaboration with New Era that teaches inexpereinced boarders a few tips and tricks and also gets the hooked up with some fresh gear so they can shred pow in-between red carpets and parties. Alessandra Ambrosio wasn’t the only famous face to learn at Oakley Learn to Ride. Adrian Grenier (Vinny Chase from Entourage) was in the house, as was professional surfer Erica Hosseini, who we listed in our 35 Women We Want To See In The 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. 

  • Watch The Creation Of Shaun White’s Snowboard From Tree to Slopes

    In about two weeks we’ll see team Oakley snowboarder Shaun White shred up the half-pipe at the 2013 X-Games in Aspen. Shaun is the best on Earth but he also uses the best equipement possible. In the video we see the life cycle of Shaun’s custom snowboard as it makes the journey from forest, to production shop to the mountain.

  • Oakley Acquires Bubba Watson, Golf Acquires Cool Points

    Yesterday, Masters Champion, Bubba Watson, joined the Oakley Family. Bubba’s unique style and attitude fit perfectly with a brand dedicated to outside the box innovation. Oakley sets a unique standard style in any sport they cater to, with a distinguishable look, different from any other brand. To me, Oakley has always been ahead of the curve in technology and sponsorships  being very critical to the sportsmen they choose. Watson’s charisma and fun attitude toward an otherwise buttoned up game could be pivotal in the progression of the sport. Bubba, Oakley. Oakley, Bubba.

  • Oakley Goods Jacket (6 Days Until Christmas)

    The Oakley Goods jacket is a new jacket from their winter line. The jacket aesthetics brings a unique take on pixel camo, accented with long white chest vents for temperature control. Your basic mountain jacket with a few cool features, like 10K mm waterproofing with 15K g/m2/24hrs breathability and fully tape—welded seams, that definitely won’t break the bank for the holidays. A great looker that’s sure to turn some heads on the slopes.

  • Oakley Airwave GPS Enabled Goggles [39 Days Until Christmas]

    Oakley’s latest game changing product being called ‘Airwave’ are the most technologically advanced goggles on the market. The goggles house a very small screen that is perceived by the user’s eye to be a 14-inch display that can instantly deliver information including distance, airtime, temperature, speed , altitude thanks to an array of sensors including GPS, accelerometer and gyro. The Bluetooth connection will link the wrist worn controller to your smartphone allowing you to track friends and access your playlist. The price point of $599 is significantly higher than then a standard pair of goggles but in addition to everything above maps to over 600 resorts feed intot he display  allowing you to instantly see what you’re at, track their friend’s locations, and see sweet stats like jump height and max speed. Buy Now: $599.95  

  • The Oakley Airwave Goggle

    The Oakley Airwave is the future of technology meets action sports. It combines the company’s best goggle technologies with a heads-up display that integrates GPS, Bluetooth, and more with a host of onboard sensors to bring new possibility to the alpine experience. Alpine sports enthusiasts can access a full range of information transmitted directly to the eye with the benefits of Oakley’s world-class optical performance, comfort and protection. The heads up display appears as a 14 ft projection 5 feet away, so your eye never has to refocus, but aligned low enough to be non intrusive. Speed, jump verticals and jump time are also new innovations that will encourage riders and skiers to push the envelope without the assist of a buddy filming their jumps. The Airwave also has over 600 snow trail maps so you can map out or check off your run before you ride. And if thats not enough, if your mountain brah’s have the goggles, app or a smartphone you can track their location on the mountain and meet up after a few runs on your own.