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Top 10 Sports Stories of 2013 That Shocked the World

10 Sports Stories That Shocked the World In 2013

Given the high-profile nature of professional athletes, there will be breaking stories that leave the entirety of the sports world stunned—headlines that are the chronicling of a fallen star, unexpected retirements, harrowing allegations, or unthinkable tragedy. In a more solemn part of the Yearbook13 event, RSVLTS has chronicled the Top 10…

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More Bold Street Art At The Olympics [7 Photos]

In an effort to clean up London’s graffiti city authorities have threatened to power wash any Olympics-related graffiti that shows up during the games. Following in the footsteps of Banksy an artist named Pure Evil joined the challenge with this street art he is calling “Looter.” Best we get a look at it before London…