• Tom Brady Just Joined the Most Exclusive Club in the NFL

    The New England Patriots won their fourth Super Bowl in the last 14 years and with that, Tom Brady’s MVP secured his footprint in one of the most illustrious clubs in the Super Bowl era. A club that until last Sunday, only Peyton Manning and Joe Montana were a part of. Brady joins the two great quarterbacks with the most combined MVPs and Super Bowl championships in history. Although Manning has the most regular season MVP’s with 4 and 2 Super Bowl Wins, the combined accolades are proof these three are the best of the best. Aaron Rodgers recently won his second MVP award, making him one MVP award or Super Bowl championship shy of being a part of the most elite club in the NFL. This chart, made by Business Insider shows the combined accomplishments of the NFL’s best.  

  • Why Peyton Manning’s Touchdown Record Will Be Near Impossible to Beat

    The argument can officially be made. Peyton Manning may be the best quarterback of all time. At 520 passing touchdowns already, Manning shows no signs of stopping any time soon. After breaking Brett Favre’s record which stood at 508 touchdowns, Peyton has catapulted himself into NFL greatness on a scale which very well be impossible to break. Gregor Aisch and Kevin Quealy of the Upshot, have charted Manning’s trajectory of quarterbacks past and present. When Alex Rodriguez joined the 600 homerun club we saw a similar graphic from the NY Times, which gives us a real perespective on retired and current players. It’s always intriguing to estimate how current NFL greats stack up against HoF greats. Since this graph was created in October almost exactly one month ago, Peyton has thrown 10 Touchdowns.

  • The Keep-Away From Peyton Record Touchdown Celebration Was Rehearsed

    Our favorite moment from last night’s record setting night for Peyton Manning was by far the monkey-in-the-middle game Broncos receivers played with their quarterback after he broke the record for most touchdowns thrown in the history of the NFL. After Manning surpassed Brett Favre reaching 509 career touchdown passes in the first quarter, the gang had a little fun at Peyton’s expense, but as Fox’s Marc Garafolo pointed out, everyone, including Peyton was in on it the whole time. We've all been had. Demariyus Thomas said Peyton Manning himself planned the keep-away. Peyton had them practice it too. — Mike Garafolo (@MikeGarafolo) October 20, 2014

  • 12 Greatest Moments from when ESPN Picked Leaf Over Manning

    It is NFL draft day and we are throwing it back to the most watched NFL Draft in Montana history – Peyton Manning vs. Montana native Ryan Leaf. Our pals over in Big Sky Country at Montana Mint, wrote a fantastic piece of editorial on the best moments from the days when ESPN The Magazine hilariously argued for Leaf over Manning. Here are our favorite 12 moments from the article… The writer compares Leaf to Favre “You’ve got the No. 1 pick: Who’s it going to be? Peyton Manning, everybody’s All-American with perfect genes? Or Ryan Leaf, Favre-like gunslinger, bully enough to flick away 300-pound linemen?” And a Hall of Famer “Come 2018, Ryan Leaf, not Manning, will be strutting up to a podium in Canton.” (to be fair, a lot can happen in the next four years) How Ryan Leaf totally got the 90s “You might find Ryan Leaf backstage at a Matchbox 20 concert begging for the mike” This quote from Ryan Leaf “Hey, man, mind if we do the interview in the Jacuzzi?” And this one… “I watch film as much as Peyton does, I just don’t tell everyone about it.” (doubt it, bro) And when Leaf tries to describe the more »

  • Peyton Manning Loves “Omaha” [Supercut Compilation]

    Peyton Manning can’t stop shouting about Nebraska’s largest city. The Denver Broncos quarterback used the word “Omaha” loudly and often during Sunday’s playoff victory over the San Diego Chargers. According to an NFL.com video montage, Manning barked “Omaha” before the ball was snapped 44 times during the game.

  • 14 Awe-Inspiring Athletic Performances of 2013

    Athletically, 2013 was a three hundred and sixty five day span of time that was collectively awe-inspiring. From the resurgent Boston baseballers to Peyton Manning making a late-career case of superiority in his more than a decade-long rivalry with Tom Brady, there were plenty of moments that made fans—with their mouths agape—go, “HOW IN GOD’S NAME DID HE DO THAT?!”

  • Ron Burgundy Interviewed Peyton Manning On SportsCenter Today

    Ron Burgundy is on a cross country tear, reading the news and interviewing every opportunity he gets. Shameless plugging aside, Burgundy is doing one heck of a job, showing face without so much as plugging Anchorman 2, but I guess when your mustache has the impact his does, there’s no plugging necessary. In an interview today, Ron and Peyton discuss Eli’s mustache attempt and Thunder, the Broncos Mascot. Riveting stuff here, guys.

  • 10 Athletes Who Blew Our Minds in 2013

    It’s clear that—in sports—there’s a need to point out the best individual players despite the overwhelming message that a team’s collective effort trumps everything (points to Boston Red Sox and the Seattle Seahawks) But, with the Most Valuable Player Awards being among the most coveted pieces of recognition in athletics, RSVLTS is here to count down the Top 10 Most Valuable Athletes of 2013. And, while it may not compete with the opinion of the Associated Press, it still is a part of the Yearbook13 event—where there is a chronicling of all the most notable, memorable, and otherwise monumental aspects of the fleeting year.

  • Top 10 Most Touching Sports Moments of 2013

    Sports have functionally become the mechanism that unites communities—providing those facing adversity with a brief amount of respite. In 2013, this was proven with moments that gave purpose to an otherwise questionable necessity of spectator sports. As a part of the Yearbook13 event, RSVLTS has compiled a list of the moments in 2013 athletics that transcend stats—giving athletics an intangible relevance in American society.

  • Top 5 Sports-Related Commercials

    Speaking for everyone: nobody likes commercials. Simultaneously, they shamelessly peddle undesirable wares and insult the viewer’s intelligence. However, there is the occasional glimmer of brilliance that shimmers through the seemingly endless drawl of marketing drivel. Most are humorous skits with small undertones of product placement. Nevertheless, it is a shame that many of these commercials are no longer on the air.

  • 20 Rare and Interesting Manning Family Photos

    Tonight ESPN adds another documentary to their critically acclaimed library with the airing of “The Book of Manning.” Of course the film has tons of footage of contemporary quarterback star brothers Peyton and Eli, but thanks to the urging of Manning matriarch Olivia, father Archie and oldest brother Cooper are also featured. The documentary delves into Archie’s transition from quarterback superstar to father (of quarterback superstars, naturally) and Cooper opens up about his career-ending injury. The Manning’s personal photos are also on display in the film for the first time and the 20 best are featured right here.

  • 6 NFL Teams That Peyton Manning Could Put a Beatdown On In 2013

    For those NFL viewers who saw the season opener; you can all attest that Peyton Manning more or less shredded the Baltimore Ravens defense for seven touchdowns, which tied the all-time record for a single game. Then in week 2, the Manning Bowl, he shredded the Giants with 307 yards and two touchdowns. But, with Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, Wes Welker, and the breakout tight end Julius Thomas, it is clear that the Denver Broncos boast an offense that could make the 2007 New England Patriots look like their 1990 counterpart—look it up. So, in honor of Manning’s nine touchdown effort in the first two weeks of the season, here are six teams that Peyton Manning could beat down worse than the two reigning Super Bowl champions.

  • 8 Legendary Quarterback Who Never Matched Peyton Manning’s Second Half Stats…In An Entire Game

    At the start of the second half of last night’s game the Denver Broncos we’re trailing defending Super Bowl champs The Baltimore Ravens by three points. That all changed when Peyton Manning had, arguably, the best second half of a game in NFL history. He went 16-23 passing with 302 yards and 5 touchdowns in 30 minutes of play, completely dismantling one of the best teams in the league. To put it into perspective, Mike & Mike gives us the following quarterbacks who have never thrown for 300+ yards and five touchdowns in a game, let alone one half. Peyton Manning: 302 Yards, 5 TDs in second half on Thursday

  • 5 Professional Athletes And Their Superhero Counterparts

    In contemporary society’s world of mass-spectator sporting events, the athlete can be considered as something of a real life superhero—a famous, high profile figure who children seek to emulate and who always deliver when they are most desperately needed. Moreover, some athletes have freakish abilities that teeter on the verge of being superpowers. This list will look at five athletes—mainly footballers—whose appearance, athletic ability, or personas reflect that of characters in the American comic mythos. Unfortunately the list will only be solely an evaluation of superheroes—a criterion that excludes Calvin Johnson, who has adopted the moniker of Megatron, the Transformers supervillain.

  • What Peyton Manning and Ray Lewis Talked About After The Game

    On Saturday night Peyton Manning and the Broncos’ season came to an end with a heartbreaking loss to the Ravens. Peyton being the classy guy he is stayed for 90 minutes after the game to congratulate Ray Lewis. We posted this photo on Facebook and it gained a lot of Likes and Shares so we decided to post some information about what the two talked about.   Peter King of SI wrote about the meet in his column this morning and has all the details:

  • The Top 5 Professional Athlete Role Models

    With “Elbow-Gate” dominating sports headline it is difficult to weed through the womanizing, booze or drugs, stupid comments, poor sportsmanship on the field find legitimate role models in professional sports. You may not support these player’s team but each sports fan can identify a role model, take pride in tin what they represent on and off the field and consider them legitimate role models.


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