• President Obama Plays Ping Pong, Gets Photoshopped [32 Photos]

    While in London, President Obama joined UK Prime Minister David Cameron in a game of ping pong with two students at the Globe Academy. The two lost the lighthearted doubles match, but the scene made for a great photo-op. Then the Internet saw the pictures. Over the past 24 hours, Reddit’s PhotoshopBattles was busy ‘shopping the president into scenes from Star Wars, Forrest Gump, and even sadomasochism-heavy film “Secretary.” Let this be a lesson to you: If you are photographed biting your lip while holding a ping pong paddle, you’ll soon find yourself whacking Maggie Gyllenhaal’s posterior. And check out the rest of the submissions on Reddit.

  • Table & Tennis

    Table & Tennis provides the aesthetics you want in a proper home or office table with the convenience of a ping pong attachment. This is what it’s like when worlds collide. A walnut veneer top with stainless steel legs, drawers at the table’s end perfectly molded for ball and paddle storage and the net is set to quick release without much set up hassle. The table’s cost around $6,600 a piece, we suggest you get going on that start-up idea quick, so you can expense it. Table & Tennis

  • Greatest Ping Pong Shot…Ever

    There might not be a better sport to play with your friends than ping pong. Getting together in somebody’s basement and having an epic ping pong battle? What could be better than that? Over the years, our eyes have seen a bunch of great ping pong plays – plays that have left us scratching our heads wondering, “how did they do that?”. Ping pong’s fast-paced style of play continues to wow any casual observer. But this shot might be the best we have ever seen. In typical Forrest Gump fashion, this guy executes a picture-perfect winner and leaves the crowd, his opponent and us in awe.


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