• Documenting Murals Of President Obama [17 HQ Photos]

    New York City based photographer Camilo Vergara has been documenting murals since the 1970s, focusing on the exterior walls of liquor stores and convenience stores in some of the poorest communities across the US. In 2009, he began noticing more and more murals devoted to President Obama appearing in such places and collected photographs of the murals over the years for his current project. Although there appears to be little interaction between the locals and the murals, Vergara believes that the fact that the murals are intact and not even the oldest among them has been tagged illustrates the appreciation and respect the communities have with the artwork. 

  • Insiders Look At The 2nd Inauguration of Barack Obama

    Hundreds of thousands of people will be attending today’s 57th U.S. Presidential Inauguration, taking place today in Washington, D.C. RSVLTS.com readers on the ground are reporting that D.C. feels like Mardi Gras as people spill out of bars into the wee hours of the morning and the dozens of related parties, balls, and concerts taking place around the area. Today we will be updating an online photo journal with images from the inauguration  the parade and everything in-between, so keep checking back for more.

  • President Obama and Jimmy Fallon ‘Slow Jam the News’

    Would you call Barack Obama the “Preezy of the United Steezy” or “Barackness Monster?” On last night’s Jimmy Fallon, the late night talk show host enlisted the President to help deliver the news, but as a slow jam. The skit had Fallon, President Obama, and Tariq Trotter, aka Black Thought.of the Roots slow down the fast-paced world of immediate news, and made it much more sultry. The R&B-themed news passionately covers student loans and was complete with Pell Grant humor. They even take a shot at part-time quarterback Tim Tebow, “The GOP is steady saying ‘No, no no!’ They should find something new to do like Tom Tebow.” Is this a political ad for Obama for the upcoming election? Of course, but Fallon definitely makes the whole thing a hilarious bit. [Source: Brobible]

  • A Special Note On President Obama’s Tie Style

    Style editor and math enthusiast Jameel has a few words regarding President Obama’s tie style during his interview with Clark Kellogg during half time of the men’s NCAA championship: The country is going to hell in a hand-basket because the President can’t even tie a tie right. Note to everyone reading, the bottom of your tie is supposed to end at the top or bottom on your belt bucket. A tie should never, never go past your belt buckle. 


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