• ESPN Officially Hires Ray Lewis as NFL Analyst

    Ray Lewis may be retired from the NFL, but he just joined a new team. According to Bill Hofheimer of ESPN MediaZone, he’s officially moving into broadcasting with ESPN. The move is no brainer for ESPN, Lewis is smart, articulate and a presence in front of the camera. He dominates every room he walks into and will undoubtedly draw a crowd (ratings). Not only is he accomplished on the field, but is known for being a quarterbacks nightmare, dissecting film and playbooks. That off the field work ethic will serve him well as a defensive and QB analyst. 

  • What Peyton Manning and Ray Lewis Talked About After The Game

    On Saturday night Peyton Manning and the Broncos’ season came to an end with a heartbreaking loss to the Ravens. Peyton being the classy guy he is stayed for 90 minutes after the game to congratulate Ray Lewis. We posted this photo on Facebook and it gained a lot of Likes and Shares so we decided to post some information about what the two talked about.   Peter King of SI wrote about the meet in his column this morning and has all the details:


Hey! Let’s Be Friends!