• The Most Insane Ski Line Ever Is A Big Nope [Video]

    Red Bull has done the impossible: They’ve created a ski film even better than the 1991 classic Ski School. Days of My Youth was filmed over two years and features incredible shots that make you feel like you’re the one on the skis and not just some lazy bum watching other people do fun things while you sit on your couch with your laptop and an Utz Barrel of Cheese Balls. One such insane scene features Cody Townsend’s line of the year. A lesser man would kill himself navigating the same crevice. A much lesser man would spill his cheese balls and wet his pants.

  • Inside Red Bull’s Cape Town Headquarters

    Interior design firm, Giant Leap has designed a new headquarters for Red Bull’s South African operations located in Cape Town. The space is raw, industrial and fun. The furniture is minimalist, with accent posters and of course Red Bull fridges everywhere You may think having the odd beanbag or humorous motivational poster makes your office “cool”, but you haven’t seen anything like Red Bull’s HQ in Cape Town. The awesome office space features wide-open areas, glass meeting rooms, industrial-inspired ceilings, swanky hang-out areas and decor that would make the most enthusiastic sports memorabilia collector jealous. But Red Bull’s office isn’t all work, as the one area provides some R&R for the staff and visitors – how about a spontaneous gaming session during a lunch break? Yes, we are talking about arcade style car racers… Design: Giant Leap Photography: Adam Letch

  • This is What Happens When Red Bull Goes Off-Road on a Ski Slope

    Red Bull recently skinned out a Pro-4 off-road racing truck then took it on the snowy incline of Mount Snow for a little taste of what to expect from Red Bull Frozen Rush. Champion off-road racer, Ricky Johnson took advantage of all the extra powder by riding a figure eight trail with jumps and berms, weaving through trees. A pretty amazing video that makes you almost forget, Ricky is performing precision turns and jumps on terrain people slip on when walking.

  • Red Bull Skateboarders Invade their Chicago Office

    This is what happens when the Red Bull Skate Team works in an office. The highly anticipated full clip from the Red Bull Daily Grind Project has dropped. On the 23rd floor of a high-rise in the heart of downtown Chicago an office floor was turned into a unique skate park. The Red Bull Skate team including Ryan Sheckler, Felipe Gustavo, Joey Brezinski, Corbin Harris, Alex Midler, Ryder Lawson, Gard Hvaara and Sewa Kroetkov reported for work.

  • Watch Taiwan’s Red Bull Soapbox Race And Feel Bad For Not Being There (Video)

    Throughout the year, Red Bull holds numerous soapbox races all over the world. On September 29, the first one in Taiwan took place in the island’s capital, Taipei. Like most Red Bull events, the failures are the fun part. What can be more enjoyable than watching an outrageous car speed down a hill then flip over and crush its driver? Although, as a Mets fan, it was tough watching the Mr. Met looking character fail so badly (much like the baseball team).

  • Red Bull’s Cliff Diving Stop-Motion Video

    Last month, the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series took place at the Blue Lagoon in Wales. To capture the action, Red Bull had three of the UK’s biggest Instagramers take over 20,000 photos to combine into a stop-motion film of the day’s festivities. The result is one of the coolest and most unique videos of a sporting event we’ve seen.

  • Red Bull X Fighters: Land of the Rising Sun Highlights

    Red Bull X-Fighters Land of the Rising Sun event was just held and hometown hero Taka Higashino of Japan took home gold and won his first ever event in front of his family and friends. It was a huge upset with world leader Tom Pages of France being the heavy favorite. The games were held at Osaka Castle infront of 11,000 fans and a global online and TV audience as X Fighters made it’s debut in East Asia.  

  • The Red Bull Mazda RX-7 Drifts Across New Zealand’s Crown Range

    Picture a supercharged, 750-horsepower Mazda RX-7 screaming down a winding track. Picture “Mad” Mike Whiddett and Red Bull teaming up to take on New Zealand’s Crown Range – the highest paved road in the country. Picture 3,500 feet in elevation, 47 gut wrenching turns, the consistency of an engine reving to top speed and fire blasting out from its exhaust. Then watch this video.

  • 27 Submissions From Red Bull’s 2013 Illume Action + Adventure Photo Competition

    When it comes to action and adventure sports photography Red Bull’s Illume competition is one of the biggest awards a photographer can win. Tens of thousands of entries are submitted and that bunch is narrowed down to only 250 images that are judged by a team of photo editors from prominent international publications. Fromt here it is narrowed down to the five best images from each category and one overall winner. Here are some of our favorite submissions from this year’s competition.

  • Red Bull Ultra Natural Highlights Have FINALLY Arrived [Video]

    It’s about time! As we stated earlier this week, Gigi Ruf went head-to-head with the world’s best snowboarders and landed first place in this year’s Red Bull Ultra Natural. The future of Snowboarding competitions wrapped up last weekend at Baldface Lodge in British Columbia and Red Bull has released the highlights. We don’t understand how these riders, who are continuing to expand the sport every time they set foot on a mountain, can ride the lines they do with such reckless abandon. The highlight reel shows us some amazing footage from the weekend, including scenes from Gigi’s winning run. Red Bull Ultra Natural will air in its entirety on March 30th on NBC. But until then, enjoy the video below.

  • “Red Bull Perspective” Gives Us An Amazing Look At Skateboarding’s Elite

    In classic Red Bull form, the energy-drink powerhouse pulled together some of skateboarding’s elite; Ryan Sheckler (San Clemente), Torey Pudwill (Simi Valley), Ryan Decenzo (Vancouver) and Zered Bassett (New York), and sent them on a journey from their hometowns to common ground, to show the viewer a little bit more of these riders’ crazy lifestyle.  They used Hollywood-caliber film techniques to create a cinematic journey through the eyes of professional skateboarder.

  • Breathtaking snowboard crash of 2013 Red Bull Ultra Natural winner Gigi Ruf

    Yesterday, the world’s best snowboarders descended upon Baldface Lodge in British Columbia and competed in Red Bull Ultra Natural.  In only its second year of existence, Red Bull Ultra Natural, created by snowboarding legend Travis Rice, has already become a highly-respected competition with both riders and fans of this ever-growing sport.  We at RSVLTS believe that this event will be the future of competitive snowboarding.  Gigi Ruf went head-to-head with riders like Travis Rice, Mark McMorris and Torstein Horgmo to take the top spot in this year’s competition.  We are anxiously waiting for the footage to come back but here is a vintage video of Gigi crashing in the backcountry to get us excited.

  • 2012 Was Clearly The Year of Red Bull

    2012 was an epic year for Red Bull. Who even knows what they are capable of in 2013. Mars anyone? This video chronicles epic moments of athleticism from 2012 and beyond, motocross champion Travis Pastrana, freeskiing champion and X Games gold medalist Bobby Brown, and Felix Baumgartner of the Red Bull Stratos project, amongst many other epic athletes, encourage us to go big and lay claim to everything. Check out http://www.redbull.com/givesyouwings where you can watch additional videos and share what inspires you.

  • Gee Atherton Talks Us Through the Anatomy of a Red Bull Rampage Crash

    Gee Atherton, a Red Bull mountain biker in the Rampage series, encountered one of the toughest crashes we’ve seen in years. The Rampage Series has been acclaimed for attracting some of the most bad-ass mountain bike athletes in the world, combining mountainous jumps, treacherous terrain and all the means for having a really bad day. “The crux of the line this year was in the mid-section, a big step-down we built that was definitely one of the biggest gaps I’ve ever hit and was definitely something that was really playing on my mind,” he said.”

  • The Athlete Machine Red Bull Kluge

    Red Bull is just showing off now. A mix of great camera angle shots, great athletes and “Mouse-trap” type engineering pave the way for their newest video for The Kluge. The Kluge, which means, a witty, yet inelegant solution that succeeds in performing a particular task, gives the action sports and energy drink brand a chance to show off for us. Why, you ask? Because they can. Check out behind the scenes footage at RedBull

  • Red Bull’s 10 Anniversary Flugtag at McCovey Cove This Saturday

    Every single rule in the aviation handbook will be broken when Red Bull Flugtag lands in San Francisco. Watch test pilots redefine air travel when they launch their human-powered flying machines off a 30-foot ramp into the chilly McCovey Cove waters. The action kicks off at 11 am PST on Saturday, November 10th. This is the 10th anniversary of the very first Flugtag which took place in San Francisco in 2002. The distance record was broken in Germany earlier this year, you can see it int he video below (skip to 1:15).

  • 5 Ways Skydiving 120,000 Feet Can Kill You

    On Tuesday October 9th Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner will ascend more than 120,000 feet into the atmosphere inside a capsule attached to a helium balloon. Then, with nothing but a pressurized suit and a parachute, Baumgartner will jump out of the capsule and plummet toward Earth, breaking the sound barrier on the way down. What could go wrong? Quite a few things, it turns out.

  • Trailer For Red Bull’s “Where the Trail Ends”

    Watch as professional mountain biking legend Darren Berrecloth, attempts an 360 in one of the world’s most remote places – the Upper Mustang Region in Nepal. For most, the pure commitment of this trick is frightening, add on to that the long trek up the uncertain terrain of the backcountry and you get th veteran himself doing what he does best in super slow motion.

  • Red Bull Rampage 2012

    We at the RSVLTS are huge fans of Red Bull and the video content they have produced in the recent years. From their full-length films like The Art of Flight to original television series like The Red Bull Signature Series on NBC and the NBC Sports Network, Red Bull has continued to wow us with athletes who push the envelope to what is possible in extreme sports. They have done so again with Red Bull Rampage, a free-ride mountain biking contest that is held annually in Utah. Check out the top five moments from previous Red Bull Rampage events and be sure to tune-in October 7th for the Live webcast of the Red Bull Rampage final. Red Bull Rampage  

  • Cliff Diving In Pembrokeshire, South Wales [22 High Quality Photos]

    You’re about to meet a group of the most badass athletes in the world. Professional cliff divers hurl themselves off of 80 foot cliffs, do a few tricks on the way down and land with little to no splash. That’s if the dive goes right. Unlike the Olympics where a belly flop might knock the wind out of you there is no margin for error in professional cliff diving. One slipup and your is big big trouble.  Just take a look at this girl who failed, and that was only like 50 feet. Below you’ll see 22 high quality photos from the Red Bull Cliff Diving Championships that is taking place September 7-8 in one of my favorite places in the world, Pembrokeshire, South Wales just outside of a really interesting town named St. David. Word to the wise, do not try this at home. 

  • Tim Lincecum Red Bull Coming Soon!

    We all know that San Francisco Giants ace (not so much this year but we still love him) is heavily involved with Red Bull, see above. Just this morning Lincecum posted a picture of what looks to be a forthcoming special Lincecum Red Bull can. Judging from the discussion taking place on Facebook it sounds like his fan are hoping Tim focuses more on pitching and less on pitching products but we’ll leave that for you to decide.

  • Red Bull Helicopter Diving

    Right in time for the start of the 2012 season, nine-time cliff diving world champion Orlando Duque is back on the diving platform. Orlando traveled to the West Coast of Ireland to inaugurate the forth coming of Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, which is set to take place in the Aran Islands on August 4th. The Helicopter Jump was a mere 23 meters high. 11 outstanding athletes, from around the world, are getting ready for the kick-off competition of the 2012 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series in June. Three years after its inception, the World Series is established as the pinnacle of high diving competition.  

  • Travis Pastrana Challenges Rally Champ to X-Games Gauntlet

    After a personal challenge from X Games legend Travis Pastrana, eight-time World Rally champion Sébastien Loeb has taken up the gauntlet to go to X Games 2012 in LA. And he’s not taking it lightly – the Citroën Racing team has developed a very special and heavily modified Rally Cross DS3 called the XL (for X Games-Loeb!). Here Sebastien and Citroen Racing boss Yves Matton introduce us to the new car, built by Hansen Motorsports, which will bring a healthy dose of creative technology and Gallic flair to the X Games arena. Let the Games begin!

  • Red Bull Flugtag World Record Set In Germany [Video]

    Leading up to the recent Flugtag event in Mainz, Germany Arne Krämer and his team spent 500 hours working on a modified glider and a tall launching pad that would give him additional height off the traditional 6 meter high ramp. The work paid off as they set a new Red bull Flugtag world record when his hang glider flew 226 feet. Red Bull is in the process of producing a movie about Flugtag so check back often for more details. There are several events taking place in the U.S. in 2012, check out the schedule here. 

  • A First Hand Look At Red Bull’s Kite Quest 2012 In France

    Red Bull Kite Quest was held in Sain Malo, on the Britanny French coast. The conditions were perfect with plenty of sun and wind and luck y for us the rider strapped GoPro’s to their helmets (and kites) to give is a unique perspective for this one of a kind kite sufing/treasure hunt competition. Learn more about Red Bull’s Kite Quest

  • Red Bull “Supernatural” Takes Off Saturday, March 31st At 1PM on NBC

    Red Bull Supernatural 2012 from Lib Tech on Vimeo. Under bright, bluebird skies, 18 of the world’s most notable up-and-comers alongside the icons of snowboarding progressed the sport to a new level, as Red Bull Supernatural ran at Baldface Lodge outside of Nelson, B.C., Canada. From the first rider to drop, Scotty Lago, through Travis Rice’s final run, the never before ridden Red Bull Supernatural course challenged every aspect of the competitors’ talents, bringing the most progressive riding of our time together in a single run. Catch the full event when Supernatural airs as part of the Red Bull Signature Series on March 31st 1-3pm EST on NBC, redbullsignatureseries.com.

  • RedBull Crashed Ice: Your New Favorite Sport (14 Photos)

    Its always great to see the preliminary stages of a sport destined for greatness. Red bull has done it again, innovating a new sport combining the speed and grit of hockey with down hill cross ice racing. The sport has been around since 2001, but has grown significantly in popularity the past couple of years. Basically a down hill roller derby. The courses are bumpy, narrow, and steep, which involve downhill skating in an urban environment, on a track which includes steep turns and high vertical drops. So if you’ve ever taken your girlfriend for an ice skate around the rink in the winter you know how easy it is to look like a fool with skates on.


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