• 25 Album Covers From The Soviet Union That Are As Awkward As You’d Imagine

    Politics aside, one thing we can all agree upon is that communists are not a fashionable bunch. Viewing fashion and style as a disgusting capitalist display of bourgeoisie opulence, with Jordache jeans ever out of reach, taunting the proletariat, the leaders of the Soviet Union were sure to quash such flamboyance. But those ever rebellious Soviet musicians, eschewing the muted brown suits of Mr. Trololo himself, Eduard Khil, yearned for the western opulence they saw on bootleg album covers. The only problem was recreating rock and roll extravagance in their bleak Soviet homeland, dotted with grim reminders of the failure of communism and the occasional yurt. But, God bless their commie hearts, they tried like the dickens. Below are some fine examples of Soviet musicians putting on their best rock star faces and totally failing. The rest of the series, featuring 70 albums in total, can be viewed at English Russia. Say what you want about the ever widening gap between the rich and poor that results from capitalism, but at least our rock stars know how to look like confident badasses.

  • Moscow’s Mercury City Tower Crowned the Tallest Building in Europe [5 Photos]

    Moscow’s new Mercury City skyscraper is still under construction, but it just broke 339 meters in height this September – making it the tallest building in Europe! The tower is part of a large-scale construction project for one of Moscow’s emerging financial districts, and it has eclipsed Renzo Piano’s Shard Skyscraper in London by 29 meters.

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