• Shaun White Wins “Good Guy of the Day Award” Jumps Fence to Hug Make-A-Wish Fans

    Shaun White took time out of his crazy day of Half Pipe competition to ditch the media following his every step, jump the viewers fence and hug two fans who made it to Sochi through the Make A Wish Foundation. Shaun’s been known to give his fair share back through volunteering and childrens hospital meet and greets, but during this time, which could be the most focused driven day of his life Ten-year-old Ben Hughes of St. Louis and Katie Lyle, a 19-year-old from Pensacola, are attending the Sochi Games on a Make a Wish trip. Both love White and it was their dream to merely watch him compete. Neither thought their trip would include a meeting. “Oh my God, oh my God, I love him,” Lyle said. “He’s even cuter in person.” Lyle watched White win gold at the Vancouver Games in 2010 while undergoing chemotherapy at a Florida childrens hospital. She’s been cancer-free for three and a half years. Ten-year-old Ben Hughes of St. Louis and Katie Lyle, a 19-year-old from Pensacola, are attending the Sochi Games on a Make a Wish trip. Both love White and it was their dream to merely watch him compete. Neither thought more »

  • Shaun White: Russia Calling, a 45 Minute Documentary on Whites Secretive Training For Sochi

    This riveting documentary chronicles the road to Sochi for Shaun White. His training this go around must be tougher and more trying on his body to push the limits and win a 3rd gold in the half pipe. Shaun is no stranger to pushing the boundaries, but this Olympics he’ll try and land a triple cork, the trick that landed him in the hospital once and with a broken pelvis his next attempt. Russia Calling is a rarely seen look into the very secretive world of Shaun White’s training process and the struggles that haunt him from attempting a death defying never before executed trick.

  • Shaun White Pulls Out of Sochi Slopestyle After Concerns Arise About Conditions

    Shaun White announced Wednesday he will not be competing in the slopestyle event making it’s debut at the Sochi games, because of risk of injury plaguing the course. White suffered what would be the last of many spills on the Rosa Khutor Extreme Park course in Sochi, before deeming it too dangerous to compete on. After hurting his wrist on a trial run the two time Olympic gold medal winner made the decision making it the last straw in a series of small injuries sustained. “After much deliberation with my team, I have made the decision to focus solely on trying to bring home the third straight gold medal in halfpipe for Team USA,” White told TODAY in a statement. “The difficult decision to forego slopestyle is not one I take lightly as I know how much effort everyone has put into holding the slopestyle event for the first time in Olympic history, a history I had planned on being a part of. “ Concerns went mainstream after Torstein Horgmo of Norway broke his collarbone jumping off of a rail that was criticized as being too slippery. Just one of the faults riders have expressed concerns about the slope. The course’s three  jumps more »

  • GoPro: Shaun Flippin’ White [Video]

    With much of the Midwest and Northeast United States facing the first winter storm of the new year, dubbed “Hercules,” now is the perfect time to get pumped about winter sports. What better way than watching this GoPro video featuring Shaun White? Also, with the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi just around the corner, this clip is good preview of what we can expect from Shaun White and Team USA.

  • 6 Professional Athletes Who Have Given Music A Try

    Music and athletics are often thought of as mutually exclusive. Athletes aren’t thought of to possess artistic ability for somewhat unfounded reasons that exist solely in the realm of immature stereotyping. Don’t be mistaken, sometimes the stereotypes are true and athletes should not be allowed to step into a music-recording booth—people like John Cena. But, the WWE star is excluded from consideration due to the blatantly scripted nature of the professional wrestling. And, this list will only focus on athletes who don’t play in scripted sporting affairs.

  • Snowboarder Shaun White’s Band “Bad Things” Is Actually Pretty Good

    Olympic snowboarder Shaun White has launched a second career as the lead guitarist for a new rock band named Bad Things who have just been signed to Warner Bros. Records and will be putting out their debut album later this year. Bad Things have a song “Caught Inside” on SoundCloud which has a dreamy ’60s California vibe similar to Vacationer.

  • We’re At The 2013 Winter X-Games In Aspen! Follow Our Live Instagram Feed

    On Friday we took a 6:00 am flight out of Newark headed to Aspen, CO for the Winter X-Games.We’ll be in town until Monday with Oakley testing out their latest gear and covering all the action on the slopes. Follow along on Instagram @RSVLTS as we post photos from the weekend or bookmark this post so you can see the feed. @RSVLTS Instagram Feed @Oakley Instagram Feed #Xgames Instagram Feed Torstein Horgmo’s Instagram Feed

  • Watch The Creation Of Shaun White’s Snowboard From Tree to Slopes

    In about two weeks we’ll see team Oakley snowboarder Shaun White shred up the half-pipe at the 2013 X-Games in Aspen. Shaun is the best on Earth but he also uses the best equipement possible. In the video we see the life cycle of Shaun’s custom snowboard as it makes the journey from forest, to production shop to the mountain.

  • Shaun White Cuts Signature Hair for Locks of Love (Video)

    We’ve always been huge fans of Shaun White. Great guy on and off camera, we know he’s had a few run in’s recently, but he’s a pro snowboarder not the Governor of New York. He’s always been more of a rockstar then role model, but this just about makes up for it all. White has cut his signature red hair for a great cause, Locks of Love. The Olympic gold medal winner and 24-time X Games medalist just made a major classy move and is awarded 1000 cool points.

  • Inside Shaun White’s $3.85 Million Beach Front Mansion [10 Photos]

    Tip: navigate using the ← left and right → arrow keys Shaun White landed a massive new endorcement deal with GoPro and used the money to buy a $3.85 million, 3,500-square-foot beach front crib in Encinitas, California. The house features a floor-to-ceiling ocean views in practically every room, an enormous deck overlooking the picturesque sea has a fire pit and more stairs leading up to the roof, a private staircase leading to the beach and Pacific Ocean and he even managed to negotiate $400,000 off the beach-front abode’s initial $4.25 million price tag.

  • We Talk Music, Being a Dick and Space Travel With Shaun White

    Stride and 7-11 teamed up to release the official gum flavor of Shaun White called Mintacular. We got to talkin with Mr. White about his passion for The Black Keys, some other tunes he listens to while on the slopes and how big of a jerk he was in Friends with Benefits. For being a sponsored pro snowboarded for more than half of his life, the brah was a pretty down to Earth brah. The kid’s got charisma and a seasoned vet at making the camera his best friend. Travis Pastrana is safe as the world’s Swiss Army knife of extreme sport athletes for now, because White is too busy with the two sports he already dominates. Although the idea of space travel did tickle his mustache, he’s content with being on a board with gravity holding him down just enough so he can pull off some serious air on the pipe. On the topic of medals and competing, he went into a zone and for a minute, you saw the focus in him. That determination you’d expect from the best snowboarder in the world and not the guy who looks like the kid you bought purple haze from on more »

  • RSVLTS.com X Shaun White

    Back in August Shaun White took over a 7-11 in New York City to launch his new Mintacular Stride gum. Here are some pictures from the event so check them out and watch our interview if you havent already.

  • Inside The 2012 European Winter X Games [30 High Res Photos]

    The top winter sports athlete on Earth descended on Tignes, France for the 2012 European Winter X Games. The event took place from March 14th to March 16th and one of the main highlights was Shaun White as he demolished the competition on the SuperPipe and the WX Slope. As the winter season wraps up take a look inside the 2012 European Winter X Games.


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