• Tosh.0 Dismantles ESPN SportsCenter After Ripping Off His Segment

    Daniel Tosh is no stranger to taking on the biggest of adversaries, in this particular example, it’s ESPN. His “Web Redemption” segment has been a staple on his show, so when a major show like SportsCenter completely jacked his original segment, dubbing it “Awesome Video Segment”, as if the name wasn’t strange enough, the segment is essentially a carbon copy of Tosh’s, inviting an internet fail-famous personality on the show to “redeem” himself in a scripted recreation of the original fail. Tosh lashed back not only stealing SportsCenter’s “Sports Science” segment, calling it “Sports Science.0″, but then goes on to completely eviscerating ESPN, SportsCenter and all of it’s anchors, analysts and personalities. Tosh.0Get More: Comedy Central

  • RSVLTS Talk Precision and The Science of Sport with John Brenkus

    We got to sit down with John Brenkus of Sports Science on a new endeavor of his that combines precision playmaking in sports and lifestyle. Precision plays a huge role not only in Sports Science, but also in determining the difference between a good shave and a great shave, which is why John is working with Gillette to bring the “Precision Play of the Week” Facebook trivia game to NFL fans this season. Each week, John will breakdown one of the prior weekend’s best plays on Facebook and fans will be invited to answer trivia for the chance to win prizes. Gillette Precision Play.