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Fastest Ship in the Universe

Space is certainly the one mystery that literally surrounds us. Outside of planet Earth, we really don’t have an understanding of anything that occurs and exists beyond this planet. In fact, not a single human can say they’ve walked on the surface of another planet — unless they’re fictional. Well, aside from equipment, budget…

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GoPro Video Shows Jedi POV

We’ve all at one time or another imagined ourselves as a Jedi — there’s something about laser swords and mind controlling that gets people going — but have we ever fully submerged in the experience? Well, thanks to Youtube user “Bill Parker,” we now have a more realistic understanding of…


Star Wars Spaceships Invade Iconic Cityscapes

With the latest Star Wars trilogy coming to theaters later this year, the Internet is sure to be inundated with everything Star Wars, especially fan art. But we’re not complaining. Especially if it’s quality work like these composites from Paris-based artist Nicolas Amiard featuring Star Wars spaceships that have crash-landed…