• 24 Album Covers Reimagined With Pop Culture Icons

    We are suckers when artists reimagine album covers and create awesome art in the process. That’s why we were such big fans of RIPT Apparel’s 2014 Parody Album Covers. And when we learned that the 2015 collection is out, we just had to share. The clever artists at RIPT used characters from Star Wars, Star Trek, Sailor Moon, Battlestar Galactica, Futurama, and a ton of other movies and TV shows to recreate iconic album covers from musicians like Alice Cooper, Velvet Underground, and Michael Jackson. Both the Gorillaz and Guns N’ Roses album covers were also parodied last year, but they’re done so well, we don’t even care. To order vinyl sleeve prints of your favorites starting at just $12, check out RIPT Apparel.

  • Star Wars Vs. Star Trek Makes for An Epic Trailer [Video]

    Both the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises have such potential. The original Star Wars trilogy was one of the greatest adventure series of all time and pretty much everything Star Trek was enjoyable until “Enterprise.” But then we got the Star Wars prequels and the Star Trek reboots and were left underwhelmed. We hope to love the new Star Wars movies, but we’re not going to get our hopes up. Maybe one day, after a few more rounds of Hollywood mergers, we’ll be able to enjoy something like this “Star Wars VS Star Trek” trailer, but for now, we’ll just have to dream.

  • Wes Anderson Presents Star Wars: The Force Awakens [Video]

    What would be even better than a JJ Abrams-directed Star Wars film? How about one directed by Wes Anderson? If that were to ever happen, this trailer perfectly captures what it would be like. Warm color palette? Check. International baroque pop soundtrack? Check. Yellow font? Check. All right, this looks like the real deal. So when is it coming out?

  • Unseen Early Star Wars Concept Art Revealed

    In 1974, Colin Cantwell began working with a young filmmaker named George Lucas on a project then called Adventures of the Starkiller: “The Star Wars”. Although Cantwell worked on the designs of many of the iconic spaceships in what would become Star Wars, his name is not nearly as well-known as Ralph McQuarrie, who also helped create much of the Star Wars Universe. But next month, Julien’s will auction off many of his original concept drawings from 1974-75, featuring early designs of the X-Wing, Tie Fighter, and Star Destroyer. You can check out these incredible colored pencil drawings below and for more info, check out Original Prop’s in-depth interview with Cantwell from just a few months ago.

  • Star Wars Episode VII Get’s Classic Subtitle, “The Force Awakens”

    The new J.J. Abrams/Star Wars project finally has a subtitle, “The Force Awakens”. Disney discretely announced the title on their twitter this morning after it was announced that the movie had wrapped filming this past week. Abrams has made it clear that the highly anticipated movie will be a direct extension of the original series even going as far as to using tangible practical effects as oppose to a CGI heavy production. The film is scheduled for a December 18 2015 release date as of now and is being regarded as the most highly anticipated movie in the near future. Although Abrams will be the director for this movie, Disney has made it clear that, as of now, will have no direct connection to Episode VIII or IX. Rian Johnson, although has made it clear that he’ll be more than likely involved in the coming movies. While not much else is known about the movie, except for the whole new cast reconnecting with the original one, and actor Anthony Daniels, who plays  androide C3PO tweeted this recently; “No movie sequel is better than The Empire Strikes Back.” You might eat those words for Xmas dinner in 2015. Joy & Indigestion to the more »

  • A Seamless Mashup Of Star Wars And Everyday Life [17 Photos]

    With the JJ Abrams Star Wars movies on their way, you can guarantee that a whole new generation will become enamored with the Star Wars universe and all the characters and spaceships contained within. But for us older folks, nothing can compare to our love of the original trilogy. Photographer Thomas Dagg was a fan of the original Star Wars movies and the imaginative escape they provided when he was a kid. With this photo series, he revisits those feelings by inserting iconic characters or props into mundane scenes of everyday life. Is that Darth Vader on the bus? I think I spy some tie fighters in formation…These photos prove that even in our boring, grown-up world, there’s still some room for imagination.

  • Star Wars Meets The Pacific Northwest In Amazing New Art Series

    Artist Scott Erickson has combined the art of the indigenous peoples of America’s Pacific Northwest with iconic vehicles and characters from the Star Wars film for his new series, Alliance is Rebellion. His website states that the work “presents a graphic alternative history that unifies under-popularized historical indigenous myths with an over-popularized fictional space epic.” We just think they would make sweet tattoos. For more info on the series and to order prints, check out Alliance is Rebellion.

  • The Return of Arcades With Star Wars Battle Pod [Video]

    How long has it been since you’ve been to an arcade? With the awesome gaming we can experience in our living rooms via Playstation 4, Xbox One, and even our laptops, there’s just not much reason to leave the house for video games. But Bandai Namco is betting that they can get you to shell out quarters again. And by the looks of this machine, you’ll need lots and lots of quarters. Star Wars Battle Pod features an immersive, 180-degree domed screen with a vibrating seat and controls. Fans produce air blasts to mimic acceleration and 5.1 sound guarantees you’ll feel all the action. The game features five different scenarios, allowing you to pilot a variety of vehicles in the Star Wars universe, including speeder bikes and X-Wings. The developers researched what Americans like in an arcade game, and one big factor is actually limited playing time. Apparently we like to reserve our hours of gaming for our living rooms, but when we’re at an arcade, three minutes is the sweet spot. This limited timeframe also means that players won’t have time for any sort of training. Bandai Namco are hoping the controls are intuitive enough that anyone can jump more »

  • Millennium Falcon Teaser Featuring…The Batmobile? [Video]

    As much as we’d like to hate on Star Wars for the prequel trilogy and endless reworkings of the originally trilogy, we are still excited for the new movies from JJ Abrams. They could be the worst movies ever made, and we’ll still see them all in the theater just like everyone else in the world. And seeing this teaser video of Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon makes us wish it was December 2015. But it isn’t and we still have more than a year to wait for the finished product. At least we can expect more of these teasers along the way. Hey, is that the Batmobile?

  • Disney Star Wars Musical Parody [Video]

    Now that Disney owns the Star Wars universe and is releasing a new series of movies, will we have to suffer through saccharine songs of unrequited love? Probably not at first, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a “Star Wars Princesses” offshoot is secretly in the works. This video presents all of the original Star Wars movie, Episode IV, as a musical with melodies you’ll recognize from Aladdin, Peter Pan, and other Disney classics. It’s obviously a joke (and a well produced one at that), but it may also serve as a harbinger of the future of the Star Wars universe.

  • 21 More Before and After VFX Photos From Classic Movies

    Although movies seem to be increasingly reliant on computer-generated visual effects (did Ryan Reynolds really need a CGI costume in Green Lanter?), chroma-keying with blue or green screens is nothing new. To illustrate the point, we’ve included some classic films that used visual effects for otherwise impossible scenes, like Ghostbusters and Back to the Future, along with newer movies, like The Great Gatsby, where computers are used for every last detail to perfectly convey the director’s vision. After looking through this gallery, be sure to check out our previous collection of Before and After CGI Shots.

  • Star Wars With Alphabetized Dialogue Is The Craziest Video You’ll See Today

    alphabetized? an be Could do drive every Get hard how How idea if imagine insane. it it long put read something that think this to to together? took video was will with word would you you you That is to say, Could you imagine how hard it would be to read something if every word was alphabetized? Get an idea with this video that will drive you insane. How long do you think it took to put together?

  • 15 Of Your Favorite Characters Dr. Seuss-ified

    Australia-based artist DrFaustusAU has combined some of the darkest horror and sci-fi movie and TV characters with the colorful, cartoony art of beloved children’s book author Dr. Seuss in his Seussian Gallery. The next step would be to actually make the entire books for some of these. An illustrated Silence of the Lambs? Who wouldn’t want to see a Seussian Buffalo Bill’s mangina? Check out more Seuss-ified characters and other great work from DrFaustusAU at deviantArt.

  • 29 Star Wars Facts You Probably Don’t Know

    Did you know Sir Alec Guinness, the actor who played Obi Wan Kenobi, called the Star Wars films fairy tale rubbish, but despite his claims earned 2% of the box office grossings, earning him a cool $95,000,000? Not too shabby for rubbish. BuzzFeed Pop created a very interesting video highlighting some lesser known facts about the Star Wars franchise. So next time your know-it-all Comicon loving step brother tells you how the original mock up for Yoda was actually a monkey carrying a cane wearing a mask, tell him you already knew that and nugie him into submission.

  • 13 Star Wars Characters Steampunk Style

    With the new Star Wars trilogy from JJ Abrams in production, nerds all over the world are trying to scoop up any ort of information regarding details of the films. One certainty is that the new trilogy will not be a steampunk adventure. And that’s a damn shame. London-based concept artist Bjorn Hurri created this series of steampunk Star Wars characters and they look better than anything we’ll be getting from JJ Abrams (nary a lens flare in sight!). Steam powered droids? Mechanized Darth Vader? Disney needs to give this guy a billion dollars and make it a reality. Be sure to check out more great artwork from Bjorn Hurri.

  • Famous Brand Logos Star Wars Style

    These are the logos you’ve been looking for. New Zealand-based designer Barn Bocock used logos from brands like Coca-Cola, Atari, and Nike to mixed them up with Star Wars characters to create these awesome designs. Hopefully this is just the beginning of the series, because a Lando Rover logo would be pretty sweet. Or maybe Leia potato chips? No, that’s actually a terrible idea. You can order your favorite on a T-shirt at the incredible named How to Carv Roast Unicorn store.

  • You’ll Never Guess What These Star Wars Portraits Are Made From [6 Photos]

    New York City-based artist James Haggerty is an award winning painter and printmaker whose paintings of architecture have been exhibited throughout the country. However, his talent isn’t just limited to his brilliant cityscapes. He also creates these portraits of Star Wars characters using a most unlikely medium—staples! That’s right, these portraits of Darth Vader, Greedo, and C-3PO are actually mosaics made from colored staples. Darth Vader is comprised of 10,496 staples (7,696 Silver, 2,800 Red), Greedo is 21,458 staples, and detailed C-3PO is an incredible 33,580 staples. Check out more of his phenomenal work on the Official Website of James Haggerty and Facebook.

  • The 10 Greatest Plot Twists In Entertainment History

    To be a professional storyteller—you must be able to craft intertwining storylines that come together at the end to form a gratifying conclusion. Sometimes, however, the road to the aforementioned conclusion is a tumultuous one—riddled with plot twists that left the audience collectively shouting, “what the (insert arbitrary expletive here)” And, given the trend to constantly keep the viewer guessing, television and cinema have become adept at inserting interspersed moments of expletive-shouting moments of bafflement. But, what moments take the cake as the most bewildering? Well, RSVLTS is here to countdown the Top 10 Plot Twists in Entertainment History, and—as a spoiler—no M. Night Shamaylan film is to be featured.

  • 5 Absolutely Laughable Romantic Subplots in Blockbuster Movies

    With the millions of dollars that get poured into making blockbuster movies, sometimes the scripts fall short of expectations. Based on numbers, Hollywood cinema always seems to add a sappy romance subplot that humanizes even the mightiest of heroes—bringing the character to a level that the audience can relate. Hence, the audience is able to live vicariously through a fictional—yet still superhuman—entity. But, not all sappy romance plots are of equal quality. And, some evoke emotions that are the antithesis of the desired reaction—making it impossible to not laugh, cringe, or feel otherwise cringingly uncomfortable.

  • These 10 Star Wars Propaganda Posters Will Have You Joining The Rebellion

    Montana-based illustrator Russell Walks has worked producing licensed art for such big clients as Paramount, Marvel, Warner Brothers, and Lucasfilm. His original career goals included “becoming bionic and joining the rebellion against the Empire,” which may not be possible, but thanks to his artwork he is able to do the next best thing-produce pieces that make you wish you could join the rebellion, too. These propaganda posters were produced for Lucasfilm and Topps. More of his work can be found at Russell Walks Illustration and on Tumblr.

  • 11 Extremely Rare International Star Wars Posters

    The trilogy that captured the hearts and imaginations of millions around the globe had a very different global perception initially. Lucas’s interstellar story of light and dark told through a three (six) part saga involving love, death and triumph was and is still looked at as one of the most revolutionary pieces of filmmaking to ever hit the silver screen. Before it’s premiere, local artists around the world were hired to create movie posters for their international territories in their native language. They were given a limited set of illustrations to use as a guide, but little creative direction leaving them with a wide range of inspiration to choose, which is why these posters are now very rare and iconic.

  • Lego Announces Star Wars Sandcrawler [6 Photos]

    Lego has announced the newest addition to their Star wars line and it is quite impressive. The Jawas’ Sandcrawler from the first movie has been recreated on a massive scale, utilizing almost 3300 pieces. That means there will be lots of frustrated dads come holiday season. The mobile droid junkyard is big in Lego terms, at 9 inches high, 18 inches long, and 6 inches wide. The minifigures that come with the set include Luke, Uncle Owen, C-3PO, R-2D2, 4 Jawas, and more droids and droid parts. The set won’t be available until May, which gives you plenty of time to save your allowance, since the Sandcrawler will set you back $300.

  • The Empire Strikes Back, Lego Style [25 Photos]

    Using Star Wars Lego sets and baking soda, photographer Vesa Lehtimäki, or Avanaut, is able to recreat the ice planet Hoth from “The Empire Strikes Back.” Sure, some nerds might complain that the photos don’t follow the actual storyline, but there’s no denying how impressive and cool they are. And anyway, I think we can all agree that Boba Fett making an appearance on Hoth would have been awesome. Who can get enough of the Slave I? Be sure to check out the rest of the Hoth series and Avanaut’s other Lego photo sets on Flickr.

  • Star Wars Trilogy Retold Using Icons

    I’m not a huge Star Wars fan. In fact, I probably haven’t watched the original trilogy in over 15 years. But I’ve got to say, using just simple pictures and no words whatsoever, artist Wayne Dorrington was able to perfectly illustrate the films in his “iconoscope” style. I’m amazed I was able to follow these completely and now I really want to watch them again. Oh, and just in case you missed out on the last 30 years, spoiler alert!

  • Star Wars Universe As An 80s High School [24 Photos]

    Italian comic artist and illustrator Denis Medri has used his talent to re-imagine the characters from the Star Wars universe as students and faculty at a 1980s high school. You’ve got Palpatine as principal, Obi-Wan as a professor, the droids as nerds…you get the idea. The next step will be to get this movie made, complete with a montage of Luke training with Yoda while Joe Esposito’s “You’re the Best Around” plays. With Disney now owning Star Wars, anything is possible as long as there’s money to be made. Check out more of Denis Medri’s work at Behance and on his blog.

  • Live Your Life According to These Wise Yoda Quotes, You Should

    Inspired by watching Star Wars, Designer, Navdeep Raj created a series of typographical quotes inspired by the master Jedi himself. The wise Yoda gave Luke and Sam Jackson some sage advice during the acclaimed sci fi series and now his words can live on forever as your desktop wallpaper. Sorry “Hang in there cat”.

  • NFL Helmets In The Star Wars Universe [32 Photos]

    Mexico based art director and illustrator John Raya took the 32 teams in the NFL and mixed them up with characters from the Star Wars universe to come up with a football league from a galaxy far, far away. See more of his work on his behance portfolio. Also, the RSVLTS would like to congratulate the Toydaria Wattos on their win in the Galactic Bowl yesterday. The Hoth Tauntauns didn’t have a chance. 

  • Bohemian Rhapsody: Star Wars Edition [Video]

    The students and faculty of the Digital Video Program at the University of Advancing Technology in Tempe, Arizona took Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” changed the lyrics to make it about Star Wars, then made this great video of their performance. Turn on the captions to follow along with the lyrics. Come for the fun song, stay for the attractive (and scantily clad) lady Vader!

  • Star Wars Characters Improve Any Painting

    If you spent any time in shopping malls in the 90s, you are familiar with the terrible crap that Thomas Kinkade tried to pass off as “art” at his franchised galleries. The “Painter of Light,” as he was known, also seemed to be the artist of choice for soccer moms looking for something to decorate their McMansions in the ultimate display of American ostentatiousness. Artist Jeff Bennet saw Kinkade’s idyllic universe as the perfect place for a Star Wars Empire invasion and added iconic characters such as Rancors and Stormtroopers. Good thing Thomas Kinkade died last year, because seeing his beloved cottages in ruins would certainly give him a heart attack (and a hard-on for a lawsuit).

  • Wax Nostalgic With Carved Crayons (10 Photos)

    Wax Nostalgic is a Tumblr that features crayons carved into familiar characters from TV and movies like Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Adventure Time, and Futurama. The detail is incredible, especially when you take into account how tiny the carvings actually are. I could barely hold the damn things to color with them. I can’t even imagine the delicate touch and patience that went into creating these.

  • Harrison Ford had a Star Wars Meltdown on Kimmel (Video)

    Ford showed up on Kimmel last night to talk about his current work and of course Jimmy inquired about the much anticipates Star Wars movie shcheduled for summer of 2015. Apparently Harrison wanted no part of the questions and even got a bit squeamish when presented with the inquiry. He prefaced the interview stating that he was up for talking about anything but Star Wars then took a few questions from the audience before having a complete meltdown on air after one audience member couldn’t contain himself.  

  • Typographic Star Wars Prints [5 Photos]

    Freelance designer and Star Wars fan Pete Ware has created these typographic Star Wars designs festuring iconic characters from the films and their notable quotes. You can buy the prints online from his Etsy shop, 17th and Oak.


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