• Taiwanese Animators Tackle The Super Bowl…and Nail It [Video]

    Did you somehow miss out on the Super Bowl? Maybe you were overcome with gluttony, forcing wings down your gullet while everyone else was crowded around the TV, screaming at the idiocy of the refs or the idiocy of the Seahawks. Well none of that matters now, because this crude CGI cartoon from Taiwanese Animators has everything you need to know about the game, from training with Conan O’Brien to Katy Perry’s halftime show to a measles-infected trip to Disneyland.

  • This Was the Only Super Bowl Ad that Wasn’t Lame as…

    With 2014 being unofficially dubbed the year of #outrage, Super Bowl ads definitely dulled down any shred of controversy we’ve become accustomed to seeing on Super Bowl Sunday. It’s always nice to see a feel good commercial, but a half ass attempt at funny targeted at an audience who’s completely numb to shock value already is a recipe for disappointment. If one good thing came out of yesterday’s billion dollar ad day, it was the latest trailer for Jurassic World, trained raptors, hybrid carnivores and so many people being eaten. In case you missed it, here it is.

  • Statistics Prove That Defense is More Important Than Offense in the NFL

    It happens at the beginning of every September; 32 NFL teams come out of the woodshed that is Training Camp—vying for a chance to play in the Super Bowl. But, when asking the question about what it takes to win the Super Bowl, even those who have won the Big Game are somewhat divided about what it takes. However, what is true is that 11 out of the past 15 first overall draft picks have been quarterbacks, the current NFL era is hailed as the “Golden Age of the Quarterback,” and the rules allow for passing stats that were previously only thought to be possible in the Madden NFL video game franchise. But, is a top-tier quarterback and a high-powered offense the most important element needed to hoist the Lombardi trophy? The numbers may be in contrast with the widely assumed winning formula, but we will attempt to make sense of all of the stats.

  • Super Bowl XLVIII Starters’ Salaries (infographic)

    Last night Super Bowl XLVIII took place and was lopsided to say the least. The Seahawks dominated the game from the get go and have the Lombardi trophy in their grasp. At the end of the day, however, all the players on the field are really all winners. With the Sylvester Williams trailing the salaries of Super Bowl starters at $426,000, I’d say every player waking up today in their Jersey City luxury hotel room should have a smile on their face.

  • Style Watch: The Big Game

    Gearing up for the big game this weekend and want to show your allegiance to a certain team? We’ve got you covered. Whether you’re the 12th man in Seattle or at the Meadowlands for Peyton-Palooza here’s all the gear you’ll need to support your team while staying warm.

  • Top Chef Hugh Acheson’s Super Bowl Wings & Cocktails

    The Super Bowl is almost upon us and if you don’t have your food recipes ready in the huddle already, then you just might be in trouble. Enhance your game with these rum-infused recipes created by Hugh Acheson specifically for the Super Bowl. We got the most scrumtrulescent Rum-wings recipe you’ll ever try complimented with a couple of cocktails, because nobody should be sober bowling it. 

  • Weather Triggers Super Bowl Ticket Prices to Plummet

    Super Bowl tickets have drastically declined after speculations of the weather taking a turn for the worse arose. We’re less than a week away from the big game and tickets are $409 lower from last year’s New Orleans prices. After projecting this years Super Bowl to hold the record the most expensive football game ever, ticket prices and sales are at a low. The cheapest ticket on NFL Ticket Exchange, the league’s official resale site, is at $1,779. Two years ago at this time, the cheapest ticket was $809 higher. ESPN projects ticket sales to eventually rise, but until weather projections become better tickets will With weather definitely being the major concern, travel also plays a factor for the teams involved. Although the match up is about as good as one can hope for, local fans from both teams have over 4,000 miles in travel distance combined. Because of the original projected price of tickets, fans were less likely to afford those prices combined with traveling that distance to watch their team compete in harsh conditions. Now that ticket prices have dipped, travel expenses have risen making a catch 22 scenario for fans willing to fly across the country to more »

  • Last Year 30% of All Super Bowl Tweets Were Brand Related (Infographic)

    Last year’s big game had more than it’s fair share of dramatics, with a roller coaster game and the black-out heard round the internet, the Twittersphere went bananas, totaling over 20.9 million tweets, Super Bowl related, according to digital consulting agency Whispr Group. Of those 20.9 M, 30% were catered toward big brands. With Super Bowl commercials getting more and more acclaim, how much longer until that number is 50%? The Taco Bell “Viva Young” ad, which a group of senior citizens sneak out of the ‘home’ for a late night romping, tattooing and Taco Bell, came out on top, scoring the highest across all categories for volume of tweets, positive sentiment, new followers and ROI. This infographic shows all the stats and numbers from big brands on Twitter for the big game. Let’s see how this year pans out.

  • RSVLTS Super Bowl XLVIII Event Watcher

    With Super Bowl XLVIII rolling into town we’re on high alert for events and cool happenings going on around New York City during Super Bowl weekend. RSVLTS Super Bowl XLVIII Event Watcher is your one-stop-shop for the most up to date event information.  Read: RSVLTS Super Bowl XLVIII Event Watcher

  • New York Super Bowl XLVIII, ‘Super Bowl Blvd’ Plans Unveiled

    The Daily News unveiled plans for the Super Bowl XLVIII festivities to take over Broadway late, next January into February. These plans include a eight-lane, 180-foot long, 58-foot-high toboggan run able to handle up to 1,000 riders an hour, that will lie between 40th and 41st street. The events are schedule to take place between January 29th to February 1st, the day before the big game. The Vince Lombardi Trophy will be available for photo opportunities in a glass building a block up from the toboggan run between 41st and 42nd. Two blocks up from that, iconic 50′ wide Super Bowl roman numerals will be in the heart of Times Square. Macys, Herald Square will feature an enormous screen complete with video mapping and highlights from Super Bowls of the past, as well as an autograph concert stage.

  • The Super Bowl Winners of Social Media

    The internet has spoken. For years the many distinctive aspects of the world surrounding the big game have gone as a matter of opinion, but there is finally a way to gauge how the world (wide web) perceives it. Here are the metrics of advertisements during the Super Bowl, as well as most tweeted moments of the game, halftime show and The Harbowl.

  • How Oreo Produced Their Brilliant Super Bowl Black Out Tweet

    After the lights went out at the Super Bowl,  light bulbs went on above the heads of the creative team behind Oreo cookies ads. When a power outage at the Superdome in New Orleans stopped the game between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers for an epic 34 minutes, Oreo’s team took action and posted a simple ad that was retweeted, or shared, more than 14,500 times on Twitter. See how it was done on WSJ.com >>

  • How To Train For The NFL Combine with Dash Poland of UnderArmour

    Today we stopped by the NFL Experience to train with the lead UnderArmour spokesperson and all around badass Dash Poland. You probably recognize his memorable “we must protect this house” commercial. He had John do the standard NFL combine workouts 40 year dash, broad jump and vertical leap. Along the way he gave tips and some motivation. See what happens.

  • Super Bowl XLVII and Social Media (Infographic)

    Social media is buzzing in anticipation of Super Bowl XLVII. Networked Insights analyzed the top themes and conversations happening on social media on this new infographic. Theming subjects by positive, negative and neutral statements, by team, coach, 49ers QB, Ray Lewis’ cool factor and must have food at tailgate parties. 

  • RSVLTS.com’s New Orleans Super Bowl Adventure – Follow The Live Stream!

    We are in New Orleans this Super Bowl weekend with an all-access pass to the hottest parties and media events including the Madden Party, Bud Light Hotel, Pepsi’s Super Bowl after party, the Beach Bowl and so much more. #HumbleBrag. Make sure you follow along in real time with the YouTube and Instagram feeds below as we interview athletes, photobomb celebrities and try our “Kaepernicking” skills up and down Bourbon Street. If you have any outlandish requests, stunt ideas, video skit suggestions or what to see us do something generally weird on video or Instagram send ideas to @RSVLTS on Twitter. We will also be posting exclusive content to the NFL on FOX website Laces Out so make sure you check that out frequently for updates. @RSVLTS Instagram Feed

  • Paul Rudd And Seth Rogen Star In A Super Bowl Commercial [Teaser Trailer]

    With Super Bowl commercial prices hovering around $4 million per 30 seconds Samsung has decided to throw their hat into the ring. Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen pitch their ideas for an actual two-minute long big game spot to Bob Odenkirk from the “Mr. Show.” The catch — the two actors can’t say the words “Super Bowl,” “The 49ers,” or “The Ravens.” (Which are actual rules.) But “el plato supremo,” “50 minus 1ers” and “Baltimore Blackbirds” are fine. 72andSunny is the shop behind Samsung’s regularly hilarious commercials. The Super Bowl ad will be directed by “Iron Man” director Jon Favreau, and if this is any indication, it’s going to be pretty good. [Source: BusinessInsider.com]

  • A Comprehensive Guide To The Best Super Bowl Bars In New Orleans

    As New Orleans gears up to play host for Super Bowl XLVII, the city is ready and waiting with open arms to show NFL fans for the tenth time in history their brand of Super Bowl party. On February 3, the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens will embark on a 60 minute journey to earn their place in sports history. The best part is, as fans, all we have to do is sit back and watch. Though, it is not at all that simple for the fans that take great pride in watching the greatest sport event we patiently wait for every year. The preparation for game day isn’t an easy road. There’s food, attire, location, adult beverages, and anything else you fancy that needs to be exactly where you want it prior to kick off. For the lucky souls that will be attending the game or on location, The Roosevelts have prepped up an easy guide to help you make your decisions on where to enjoy this incredible day of professional football. Check out our list of great spots to view the game in style with the atmosphere to match.

  • The 100 Most Iconic Super Bowl Photos Of All-Time

    Sports Illustrated photographers have been on the sidelines for Super Bowl in history. Not a bad gig if you ask me. This consistanct presence has led to an incredible archive of iconic photos. The editors of the megaazine have pulled together a collection of their best shots — with at least one picture from every game. We went through the extensive list and found some of the best but if you want to see all 100 view them right here.


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