• The Ultimate Bachelor Pad on Wheels

    Picture rolling up to your favorite tailgate in this Austrian made glorified palace on wheels.  Marchi Mobile has come up with a luxurious mobile home complete with a bar and a roof terrace. Appropriately dubbed the “eleMMent Palazzo”, this futuristic, diesel-powered vehicle is valued at US$3 million, and caters to the rich to quite rich. Some other amenities include a master bedroom, living room, a 40-inch widescreen television and a fireplace.  

  • 2012 Bold Tailgate Award Finalists

    Submissions for the Bold Tailgate Awards have been steadily rolling in, and we also met plenty of great tailgaters at the Florida vs FSU game this past weekend. Now it’s time to reveal the top five finalists for each of the four categories. Voting will conclude at 11:59 pm on Sunday, December 9, 2012, so if you haven’t already be sure to vote for your favorites, and if you’re already a nominee take a second to rally your family and friends.

  • 50 Football Tailgate Do’s And Don’ts

    Tip: navigate using the ← left and right → arrow keys The submissions for the Bold Tailgate Awards are rolling in and we’ve seen our fair share of winners and losers. No one likes a tailgate that turns into amateur hour, so act like you’ve been there before by following these tailgate commandments. Simple Do’s and Don’ts that will take any tailgate noob to all-star status before you even enter the parking lot.

  • Introducing The Most Impressive Tailgate Man Cave In America

    Meet Keith Thompson (below in the KCCO shirt). He is a diehard Florida State fan with one of the most impressive tailgate tech set-ups in America. At each home game Keith rolls his RV into the lot and invites dozens of friends over to enjoy his fire pit, full bar, flat screen TV’s with DirecTV, projector screen also with DirecTV and custom speaker system housed inside a 3 foot cooler amongst so much more. You can sit on his leather couch and watch every single game as if you we’re in the comfort of your own man cave. Keith is an official nominee for Tailgate Techie and it would shock us if he doesn’t walk away the winner.

  • 5 Better-For-You Tailgate Dishes

    Fall is here, which means football fans across America run the risk of packing on the pounds during weekend eating binges. We’re all allowed to stuff our faces with delicious traditional tailgate food (it’s the American way) but why not make a few better-for-you tweaks? We’ve devised a way for you to have the food you love without having to experience the glutinous hangover guilt on Monday. Our goal is to put a better twist on traditional tailgate food without being too drastic or taking away the fun, so instead of loaded potato skins we’ll show you how to do it with sweet potatoes. A few added spices make up for using a zero calorie marinade on chicken skewers. How about a cheese dip that is lower in sodium? Yeah, we’ve got your attention now. College football fans take their tailgating seriously and for many, the events before college football games are just as important as the battle taking place on the field. Here at RSVLTS.com, we decided to harness the collective passion of this “United States of Tailgating” and we’ve teamed up with Wheat Thins to launch the 1st annual Bold Tailgate Awards. Tailgating pros all across America will be asked to visit more »

  • What It Takes To Become The Ultimate College Football Superfan [Infographic]

    Around Labor Day, when summer is coming to a close and the leaves begin to change, College Football Superfans across the United States dust off their grills, give their team-inspired-custom-tailgate school bus a fresh wash and bring their Superfan gear out of the closets to gear up for another season of parking-lot tailgating. The true test of a Superfan is the time and dedication they devote to their team. These particular fanatics of the parking lot go above and beyond what typical people know about tailgating, all for the sake of their selective schools. We’ve compiled the best Superfans spanning the country. These aren’t you ordinary fans who  on some body paint and call it a day. These are the week in and week out bleacher warriors who hold attendance, dance, spirit and even tattoo tradition records. Today we salute football’s best Superfans. Click here to view full size infographic >>

  • 38 Football Fans Who Will Make You Say “Whoa”

    Tip: navigate using the ← left and right → arrow keys Football fans love to take it to a whole new level when supporting their team.  Whether it’s body paint or a crazy outfit,  is just a small sample of the most dedicated football fans in America. If you know a football superfan have them enter our Bold Tailgate Awards now!

  • 13 Favorite Football Tailgate Rituals

    Tip: navigate using the ← left and right → arrow keys Every college football team has its own unique tailgate traditions, as all true fans know; from The Ross Bus at University of Michigan, to Kegs and Eggs at Ohio State, to cooking BBQ on houseboats at Neyland Stadium. It is these rituals that make college football one of the best sports to watch in America. What better way to learn about exciting and interesting college football tailgate rituals than from fans themselves? We’ve asked editors at 10 of your favorite websites to tell us about their favorite college football tailgate ritual.

  • Popular American Tailgate Foods By Region

    If you’re headed to a college football game and want to look like a seasoned veteran at the tailgate, we’ve got a list of foods that you should consider making. These are pregame favorites, easy to make and will give you a good taste of the regional traditions.

  • The Punch Bowl III [216 Photos]

    I like to tell myself that The Punch Bowl, our weekly look at football tailgating across America, is the most exciting weekly feature on the internet. It has all the elements that make outstanding content. Sports, party animals, beautiful women and original tailgate photos that you have never seen before. We spend hours and hours each weekend curating these photos from the far reaches on the web and we’re proud to see that the word is getting out. This week’s Punch Bowl features several photos  submitted by RSVLTS readers so thanks to everyone who has spotted themselves, their friends or their school and shared the story via Facebook or Twitter.


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