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8 Insane Archeological Discoveries

One wouldn’t think that digging through dirt and sand for a living would be that exciting. Yeah, sometimes you’ll stumble upon fossilized dinosaur droppings or a long lost civilization, but most of the time I feel like archeologists are just kicking dirt around in the name of science. That being said,…


New Yorker Builds New Country In Utah

Remember that episode of “Family Guy” when Peter declares his house is a new sovereign nation called Petoria and then comes under siege by the US government? Remember how outlandish and satirical the episode was? Remember thinking “Wow, imagine if that actually happened? Ho boy, that’d be weird.” Well, hope you guys skipped…


Romania Just Got A Trippy Steampunk Bar

Whoever said that technology should be sleek and compact has obviously never seen the beauty and weirdly awesome bulkiness of steampunk. A Romanian cafe, Enigma, seems to be jumping down the steampunk rabbit hole by being “the world’s first kinetic steampunk bar.” While there is actually no way to prove that,…