• Once a Decade Clouds Engulf the Grand Canyon Creating a Surreal Scene (9 HQ Photos)

    Once every ten years or so the Grand Canyon is taken over by a sea of fog caused by a temperature inversion, in which warm air traps cool air, pollution, and fog near the ground. Although the inversions are quite common, happening once or twice a year at the site, but rarely seen like this due to cloudy skies. According to one of the park rangers, many tourists who visited the canyon that day had no idea of how amazing it was that they were seeing such a phenomenon and were just disappointed that they couldn’t see the Colorado River through all the fog. All Photo Credit: Grand Canyon National Park Facebook

  • 24 of the Best Adventure Trips to take Right Now

    Whether you want to travel around the globe chasing adventure like a wild rabbit or stay domestic venturing off into the beautiful scenery this fine country has to offer, there’s a big world out there tailored to the adventure seekers of the world. Mens Journal released 24 of the best adventures trips to go on right now. Here are a few to wet your palette. Hike St. Lucia’s Piton Mountains Airborne Kenyan Safari Sail and Surf Tortola, St. Thomas Descend down Colorado’s Black Canyon for some Trout Shark Dive Rangiroa’s  Tiputa Pass Check out the Full List at Mens Journal

  • Thermal Glass Igloo Resort [8 Photos]

    Each year in late November, about one thousand truck loads of snow are used to create the Snow Village – a complex of ice and snow located in Kakslauttanen, Finland. Covering an area of about 20,000 square metres, the Snow Village consists of a restaurant, a bar, lobbies, hotelrooms and suites as well as these fancy thermal glass igloos.

  • Paris at Night [40 High Quality Photos]

    Paris is often called “La Ville-Lumière”or the “The City of Light,” a name it owes first to its fame as a center of education and ideas during the Age of Enlightenment, and later to its early adoption of street lighting. There are few cities in the world more impressive looking than Paris at night.

  • 101 Places Every Traveler Should Know

    Life lists naturally stir up debates. For every Angkor Wat fan, another prefers Petra. After deliberating with their correspondents and tastemakers over the most memorable experiences, Travel + Liesure has narrowed their list to 101 places. How many have you visited?

  • Paris In Motion: Part 2

    Back in August we featured French photographer Mayeul Akpovi‘s magnum opus, the stop motion and time lapse masterpiece Paris in Motion. It offered us a visual stroll through the City of Love unlike any you’ve seen to date. We are very excited to show off this follow-up, Paris In Motion part two! Paris In Motion (Part II) from Mayeul Akpovi on Vimeo.

  • America According To Bryce Bradford [64 HQ Photos]

    Bryce Bradford does not take photographs to merely document a scene, rather he uses photography to convey his vision of this world. At 20-years-old Bryce has a pretty good gig. He is an Olympus Visionary photographer, meaning Olympus gives him the resources necessary to realize their creative vision through digital photography. This means when he is not surfing he travels America exploring every nook and cranny of whatever landscape he manages to stumble upon. Tomorrow Bryce will be featured on the official Olympus’ Facebook page but why wait until then to see his masterpieces? We pulled together 68 of his finest photos for you to enjoy. There are hundreds more photos on his Facebook page so head over there and check it out. See more of Bryce’s photography on Facebook here >>

  • Germany Has An Impressive Subway System [9 Photos]

    Below the streets of Munich, Germany, photographer Nick Frank silently stalks the city’s subway stations, waiting for the perfect silent moment.  When the passengers have departed and the trains are rumbling elsewhere, Frank captures the empty stations in artful compositions.  Some are balanced in perfect symmetry, others twist and disappear in the distance.  All of Franks works show a strong contrast of color accents, where bright, basic colors stand out amongst the quiet, neutral darkness beyond.  These are truly evocative images, a form of art that today’s urbanophile will certainly appreciate.  Dig this sort of thing as much as we do?  Don’t miss Coolist.com’s feature article “Unreal Underground: the World’s 10 Coolest Subway Systems“.

  • Paris In Motion

    French photographer Mayeul Akpovi is a guru when it comes to the art of stop motion and time lapse. His magnum opus is Paris In Motion, offering a visual stroll through the City of Love unlike any you’ve seen to date.

  • The Grown-ass Man Weekend Bag Guide

    Weddings, business trips, and beach trips make this the time of year for weekend travel.  Which means you’re sleeping out… which means you’re packing a bag.  You can’t show up carrying your things in the same bag you used to bring to basketball practice so we scoped out a few options. Tumi Westley Weekender Tumi’s Westley Weekender is a classy way to pack light.  It features an interior shoe bag and gusseted pockets to keep you organized.  Protective bottom feet and a removable lock will make this a weekender bag that can last years.  Monogramming is optional but definitely encouraged. Tumi Westley Weekender The Jack Spade Waxwear Wayne Duffel The Waxwear Wayne Duffel is a durable option made with the same canvas treatment used in sailcloth.  Jack Spade offers it in black or chocolate with leather trim.  Over time, this will have a great broken-in look as the waxed surface refinishes itself, and marks of use fade  Remove the shoulder straps and give your pipes a workout. Waxwear Wayne Duffel Filson Denim Medium Duffle Filson offers a more casual look with this denim duffel.  Slightly greater dimensions mean this bag could help turn a weekend trip to a longer stay.  more »

  • GQ Says Swedish Girls Are DTF

    The July issue of GQ has a travel section on Scandinavia (loosely known as Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark…but you knew that) which includes the spicy little excerpt below written by a Swede who knows a thing or two about a thing or two. 

  • 10 Terrifying Countries Every Man Must Visit

    I can’t decide where to take my next vacation!” Is there a more pressing First World problem? Fortunately for the lazy tourist, millions before him have already carved out well-trodden paths around the more famous destinations — India, Thailand, Croatia and so on — and getting a dose of foreign culture is as easy as catching a cab to the airport.

    These destinations are interesting to be sure, but if one wants to travel the road less taken, it usually means turning to countries with less than stellar reputations. War-torn countries, nations with a history of political problems and those beset by natural disasters are, more often than not, places where you’ll find diamonds in the rough. Oftentimes these countries feature just as many of the attractions as the tourism superstars, but with sparser crowds and more of an edge. And, yes, often it’s only a matter of time before these insider destinations join ranks with the package-tour itinerary stops.

    So ignore the disaster journalism that characterizes these 10 countries as places to avoid. Sensational reporting by its nature never makes mention of the generous people living regular lives at the edges of the big story. Amazing and unique sights and experiences that are conspicuously absent from the timetable tours of more tourist-friendly countries await the intrepid traveler. Besides, no one knows what destination will be tourism’s Next Big Thing, but chances are it will be one of the places on this list. Now’s the time to go.

    Start The Top 10 Countdown Here

  • This Indonesian Eco Resort Is A Diver’s Paradise [25 Photos]

    Raja Ampat, a chain of 1,500 small islands and cays in New Guinea, Indonesia is quickly becoming one of the most popular diving locations in the world. Leading the charge is Misool Eco Resort, an exclusive dive resort and conservation center located in the southern part of Raja Ampat, Indonesia. Their private resort island is nestled deep in a vast archipelago of uninhabited islands, in the heart of marine biodiversity. If you thought it would cost and arm and a leg to stay at the eco resort you’re wrong. Water cottages start at $131 per night per person and they offer scuba packages for about $75 bucks. A real win for anyone looking for some world class diving at a bargain.

  • Roosevelts’ Friday 50 Gift Guide

    The weekend is here! If you’re thinking twice about blowing all your hard earned money on booze good for you. Below you’ll see a compilation of this week’s top 50 products for Roosevelts readers. Everything from watches to t-shirts to a recently announced Black Keys/Snoop Dogg NYC festival to vacations. Dig in.

  • You Want To Go Here

    It’s a big beautiful world out there. When you’re not wasting your money on booze, apps and netflix, try saving up for a trip of a lifetime to any one of these marvels of earth. Yeah, the Grand Canyon is a nice sight, and yes, the new Hogwarts wing of that amusement park is pretty cool, but it’s time to get out there and see the world the way it meant to be seen… before Al Gore takes it away from us. Some of these places might even be in your own backyard.


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