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New Yorker Builds New Country In Utah

Remember that episode of “Family Guy” when Peter declares his house is a new sovereign nation called Petoria and then comes under siege by the US government? Remember how outlandish and satirical the episode was? Remember thinking “Wow, imagine if that actually happened? Ho boy, that’d be weird.” Well, hope you guys skipped…


Romania Just Got A Trippy Steampunk Bar

Whoever said that technology should be sleek and compact has obviously never seen the beauty and weirdly awesome bulkiness of steampunk. A Romanian cafe, Enigma, seems to be jumping down the steampunk rabbit hole by being “the world’s first kinetic steampunk bar.” While there is actually no way to prove that,…


8 Travel Films You Need To See

No need to buy a plane ticket when you can travel vicariously through film. Be it Hawaii or Mumbai, a cinematic journey is just a few clicks away — let these films transport you! Y tu mamá también Explore Mexico In a nutshell, Y tu mamá también is The Graduate…


Aquatic ‘Bee-Hive’ Skyscraper Could House An Entire City

Modern architecture ranges from immensely practical to eccentrically excessive and usually offers everything in between. Italian architect Luca Curci’s Vertical City concept is no different, as he ambitiously strives to tackle overpopulation with a genius, albeit quirky, alternative to modern urban housing. Curci’s designs feature an 180-story futuristic-looking tower that will…


The Anatomy of a Master Traveler

Traveling is an addictive hobby. An addictive hobby that can get quite expensive, which makes the most seasoned world travelers pros at saving money in clever fashion, but that’s not all, a good traveler must know their terrain, how much their baggage weighs and what kind of clothes to wear…