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UFC 193 Extended Preview [Video]

Normally, I look forward to November for one reason and one reason only: Thanksgiving. Get a few days off, eat like the fat guy from Se7en and, best of all, no one can judge you for it. Well, this November I got a whole ‘nother reason to get excited. Namely, Ronda Rousey’s next…


Movie Posters Come To Life [VIDEO]

There are two ways to market a movie: a trailer and a poster. Of course, as it is 2015, there are now ways to combine these two with something called digital motion posters or mosters, because people are terrible. But why should only new movies get mosters (I really hate that)?…

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Watch Pumpkins Explode For Science [VIDEO]

What better time to explode a few pumpkins than right around October 31st? Two jack-o’-lanterns demonstrate an explosive thermite reaction in a fiery halloween science video from the Royal Institution of Great Britain. Host Andy Marmery explains the powerful exothermic reaction between iron oxide and aluminum powders that erupts and sets off a…


10 Of The Most Creative Horror Movie Deaths

True horror movies are hard to come by nowadays. Most “horror” films in today’s cinematic landscape are mostly just slasher/murder porn films that are classified as horror in name only. Sure, they’re still somewhat scary (I don’t think it will ever not be at least disconcerting to see teenagers get…

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14 Child Stars Who Left Hollywood Behind

Astronaut Chris Hadfield once said, “Early success is a terrible teacher.” While most people would probably love early success, Hadfield says that it forces people to peak early, wasting their energy on success when they should be struggling and inevitably setting them up to struggle later in life when they…