• Iconic Concert: Muse Live At Glastonbury Music Festval

    Muse is widely considered, by fans and critics alike, to be one of the most exciting bands to see live in music today. Back in 2004 Muse rocked people’s faces off at Glastonbury in support of their album Absolution and six years later they came back to Glastonbury for a now legendary performance that you can watch the video below in all it’s HD glory. Tracklist: 00:16 Uprising 05:47 Supermassive Black Hole 10:07 New Born 16:39 School riff(from Nirvana): Thanks Dude! 18:22 Map of the Problematique 24:05 Guiding Light 28:27 Citizen Erased 36:13 Nishe 37:32 United States of Eurasia 42:00 Feeling Good 45:20 Undisclosed Desires 50:43 Resistance 57:20 Hysteria 1:02:58 (62:58) House of the Rising Sun 1:03:54 (63:54) Time is Running Out 1:09:08 (69:08) Starlight 1:13:20 (73:20) Stockholm Syndrome Encore: 1:21:19 (81:19) Where the Streets Have No Name(feat. The Edge, U2 Cover) 1:27:30 (87:30) Plug In Baby 1:32:36 (92:36) Man With A Harmonica 1:34:40 (94:40) Knights of Cydonia

  • Easily Turn Your iPhone Into A Professional Video Rig

    Introducing the MiC/Zacuto Zgrip Jr. Kit from Apogee. The kit is a seamless fusion of the Apogee MiC, a studio-quality condenser microphone, and the Zgrip Jr., a solid handgrip for shooting video on the iPhone 4 or 4S. Consumers are able to mount the MiC directly on the Zgrip and turn their iPhone into a professional handheld rig, capable of capturing life’s greatest moments with stunning sound and HD video.

  • So, Dodge Built Travis Pastrana A 600 Horsepower Custom Rally Car…

    If you were to buy a 2013 Dodge Dart when it comes out later this year the fastest available model from your dealer will be packed with 184 horsepower. This is all good and well for a Sunday driver like you and I but it pales in comparison to the Dodge Dart built up for Travis Pastrana. Dodge built a custom rally car for the 2012 Global RallyCross Series and debuted the not-legal-for-road-use, all wheel drive, 600 horsepower vehicle at the New York Autoshow. The car is flat-out sick and here are a few photos of it being built.


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