• An Entire Episode Of Wheel Of Fortune Can Be Edited Down To 3 Minutes [Video]

    Wheel of Fortune is a great show to watch, as long as you’re a child or are braindead. But for everyone else, there’s nothing worse than when Jeopardy ends and you can’t find your remote and you have to see more than a few seconds of Wheel of Fortune. Unless you live in one of the markets where Wheel is first, in which case it’s equally bad when you tune in too early and have to watch Pat and Vanna banter about some inanity as the credits roll. Listening to people tell stupid stories about their families or failing to grasp the rules of the game after 30 years (you have to buy vowels, dummies!!) is pure torture, but the game itself is just fine. That’s why we enjoy this video that edits a complete episode down to a very watchable 3 minutes. It even includes all the “Bankrupt” spins so you can still enjoy the contestants’ misery.

  • 6 Biggest Wheel Of Fortune Fails Ever

    Yup, she said “I Have The Wine by Johnny Cash.” I was watching Wheel Of Fortune and this happened. Irony alert: Johnny Cash was an alcoholic. Had to take video on my phone and throw it online. Poor lady missed out on $10,000+ in prize money because she never saw Walk The Line, which is a shame because it’s one of the best movies out there. Here is a compilation of the 5 biggest Wheel of Fortune fails you can see on YouTube.


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