• Incredible Video Of Wingsuit Flight Through Narrow Canyon

    When looking for a suitable locale for a wingsuit flight, narrow canyon is probably not at the top of your list. That’s why you’re a boring wimp and nobody likes you. Me too. But brass-balled wingsuit expert Robert “Scotty-Bob” Morgan thought that the frighteningly narrow Beehive Line in Utah’s Great Basin National Park would be a perfect spot to take flight. He was also kind enough to strap a GoPro camera on to capture all the action. Now those of us who have trouble navigating a wide hallway without bumping into every possible obstacle can see what it’s like to not be so bad at life.

  • The Best Wingsuit Trailer You’ll See to Date (Video)

    Jokke Sommer is the star of the upcoming feature film, Dream Lines IV, which promises to be the best captured footage of wingsuiting ever. Using the best HD cameras and helicoptor shadowing, Jokke and his insane brah’s weave through trees and mountains, coming within feet of barreling into one.


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