• 5 Excercises Every Man Should Be Doing At The Gym

    So, 2015 is fast approaching and you’ve signed up for the gym to start your New Year’s resolution a little early. Good for you. Before you know it you’re bombarded with offers for personal training, pilates, classes and a plethora of complicated machines. Corporate gyms like to have flashy machines, because it makes them feel safe and superior to know that they have something that you don’t. But really, all you need is knowledge. Contrary to what some gyms might tell you; when it comes to exercise, the simpler the better. So whether you’re an athlete or just trying to get in shape, here are five exercises that you should absolutely be doing in the gym.

  • 5 Ways You’re Short Changing Your Workout

    At this point in the summer, you’re likely well into a routine. We just wanted to take a minute a point out some of the finer points of a good workout. While these adjustments may seem minor they can make a huge difference to your overall health and look. Unfortunately, they are some of the most commonly rushed or skipped tasks we see in the gym. Start to finish, here are five ways to get the most out of your workout:

  • Should You Work Out Today? (Infographic)

    It’s 5:30pm or so on a workday, you’re about to head home… and wondering if you should exercise. Maybe you’re already home and just want to cook dinner and watch some TV. Or maybe it’s a weekend morning and you want to get some beers and watch football with your buddies and not worry about hitting the track or gym. Sometimes you actually have a real excuse… maybe you’re a little sick or are too sore from yesterday’s bench routine. Should you still go?