Do Less: The Industrial Watch

A watch tells a lot about a man. There’s a time and a place for obnoxiously large, diamond encrusted, chrono-maritime-graphs that give more sun glares than time; That place is the ESPYS. There’s also a time and place for your ipod nano-digital-touchscreen-tamagotchi watch; 3rd grade. Over the past few years we’ve gone through a time piece revolution, from the digital end to the obnoxiously gaudy is better end and watches jam packed with chronographs, chronometers, borometers and altimeters have swarmed the very places they weren’t meant for; Sea level.
So this spring make a move toward simplicity. A sleeker, classic look will get you more of a head turn than the Decepticon your pal has on his wrist. The industrial style watch comes from, you guessed it, the industrial age and replicated to look like an easy readable clock.


Uniform Wares 200 Series

The design is inspired by the simplicity and utilitarian functionality of mid century factory wall clocks made by British manufacturers such as Smiths Sectric, The General Post Office and Gents of Leicester. $346.00 Uniform Wares


The Mondaine Railway

Simplicity and modern at it’s finest. The Mondaine Railway watch design is based on Swiss Railways (SBB) patented design for the Swiss train station clocks. One thing we’re certain of – there’s no mistaking what time it is on this over-sized, easy to read wrist clock. All aboard! $195 The Mondaine Railway


Tsovet SVT-LX73

Influenced from industrial tools and motor gauges, TSOVET Time Instruments are simple with a bold kick. Thick Italian leather traps, large round faces, stainless steel and knurled crowns add to the unique style of these. $400.00 Tsovet


U-BOAT Classico AS

The stainless steel Classico watches are probably the best selling U-Boats. They capture the essence of the company’s popular style with the bold military-inspired design, wide dial, and a metal plate affixed to the strap. $2,000 U-Boat


Bell & Ross BR01-92

B&R are one of those rare brands that should be applauded for constantly trying to push the envolope of design. Their Square design is a staple, and although their known for an aviation history, this simple aesthetic is sure to get noticed. $3,000 Bell&Ross


MIH Watch

Beautifully minimalist, the MIH Watch by Christian Gafner is streamlined and. Not only the epitome of stunning Swiss design, it’s the official watch of Musée International d‘Horlogerie (MIH), the international museum of watch making in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Designed to promote the importance of horology, the MIH Watch was created completely from the ground up with completely unique mechanisms. $4640 MIH


Panerai Luminor

The humble boss. $6,000 Panerai