RSVLTS Interview NASCAR Star Denny Hamlin

This weekend we are taking an epic RV trip down to Charlotte, NC for the Bank of America 500. There will be eight of us making the trip and none of us have ever been to a NASCAR race. Safe to say I think we are in for an eye opening trip full of infield tailgating, jell-O shots, lawn chairs on the roof of the RV, tailgate games, BBQ’ing plenty of “Denny Hamlin” burgers and more. We’ll be posting plenty of photos and video along the way so stay tuned. In the mean time we interviewed NASCAR stud Denny Hamlin so check it out below. 

Q – “What are the five fundamentals of a successful NASCAR tailgate? We’re beginners so briefly educate us on what we can expect in Charlotte?”

A- TV, Beer, Coca-Cola, Grill, and corn hole boards

Q -“NASCAR isn’t physically punishing on a regular basis like the NFL. Walk us through the fitness training program you’re on and if there are exercises you do that help you prepare to be a better driver?”

I train 3-5 times a week, depending on my schedule. I have a personal trainer who likes to switch up my workout routine each day. One day I’ll focus all on upper body the next day we’ll do legs and back. I always try and get in some cardio every day I train.

Q -“What do you do in your off time when you have some free time?”

I enjoy playing golf, basketball and just hanging out with friends.

Q -“How has Twitter changed the way NASCAR operates? Do they have rules about Tweeting during races and things you can and can’t say?”

NASCAR doesn’t have any rules about tweeting during races that I know of. At the Daytona 500 we had a red flag that lasted a while and Brad Keselowski began tweeting which created a lot of buzz. NASCAR wants drivers to be themselves on twitter which is great for the fans.

Q -“How did Butter NC come about?”

A close friend started the project and wanted me to get involved. I had been to Butter NYC a few times and really enjoyed it. Once they decided to build one in NC I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

Q – Walk us through your ultimate burger.

Type of bun: Whole Wheat
Type of meat: Lean Ground Beef
Meat seasoning: Montreal Steak Seasoning
Cheese: No Cheese
Toppings? (Bacon, onion, lettuce, tomato, dressings): Lettuce, Tomato
Condiments: Light Mayo