She Knows What She Wants: Series 2 (Gifts for your Girl Under $100)

This edition of She Knows What She Wants, we’re asking Nicole, a television producer, what gifts a guy can get his girl for under $100. This Holiday season we’ve compiled a list of 5 categories and asked a select group of bright minded females to do all the work for us. The lovely ladies must choose a gift for each category around $100 or less and describe why. Lets face it, it’s just not easy buying holiday gifts for women, so we’re going to do all the research for you. All you have to do is pick the gift that best matches your dame’s lifestyle. Use the guide as matter of fact or just a good start in your otherwise oblivious gift buying mind state.

“Before you even begin to attempt to shop for a woman, you need to understand her mind is a labyrinth of conflicting logic, hidden innuendos and underlying thoughts your brain couldn’t even begin to fathom.” -George Washington


Nicole  27, Television Producer, New York, NY

Jewelry- Bubble Necklace,  J Crew $99.99

I find my favorite jewelry at retail stores. This costume jewelry tends to be pretty pricey and when you are already spending a lot on clothes in these stores jewelry is something I tend to not splurge on for myself so it’s def a gift I would want someone to buy for me! This is also one of my favorite colors to add to any outfit.

ImageBags- Urban Outfitters Bags $58.00

My theory is- The bigger the bag, the better. My goal when buying a bag is to make sure I can live in the bag for at least 3 days if need be. Working long hours in the city I never know when and where my day will take me. I like to always carry my gym shoes in my bag with the hopes I can squeeze in a workout. I always need to have snacks in my bag in case I get stuck on the subway for hours and a change of clothes in case I work late or get stuck anywhere and need to stay over.

Shoes- A wedged heel shoe Aldo leopard print shoe $90.00

I love wedged heels because I can walk in them all day. It’s a smaller heel so I feel dressed up and yet still comfortable for a long day. Wedge heels  takes me out of the rut of wearing flats to work every day. Colored shoes or animal printed shoes like these become an accessory for me since I have so many solid  colored sweaters in the winter.

Accessory- Michael kors iPhone wristlets $88.00

A great accessory for any occasion. Much better option than stuffing your pants with a bulky phone. You can also use it to store and ID, credit card and cash.

ImageWildcard-Anything from Victoria Secret’s NFL line $36.50

Victoria Secret is my favorite place to shop online! Most people do not know they have clothes and shoes and swimsuits and sweats and SO much more than the lingerie you see in the stores. They have the MOST comfortable sweats in the world. I LOVE their NFL line. It’s the perfect way to express my inner tomboy and love for sports while still feeling cute and sexy.


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