What is Causing People To Shy Away From Attending Football Games? [Infographic]

As we told you last week, 60% of football fans prefer tailgating at home. So what is driving this change in the way football fans across the country are enjoying America’s game?

It’s a number of things ranging from technology advances that let you watch every game in real time on crystal clear TV’s to obnoxious fans offending every kid within 25 feet with their drunken obscenities. But mostly this shift is being caused by rising prices in just about everything. Tickets, gas, parking, and the list goes on. 

Here is an infographic showing the rising costs of football tickets across America. Yes, the infographic is based off of NFL opening day ticket prices but we have to imagine it is much the same throughout the season. As costs go up the more dedicated fans in the lots get squeezed.

view the full size graphic here

So harnessing this information companies like Oscar Mayer, with their new Carving Board Pulled Pork, are catering to fans who enjoy tailgating at home. This fall we brought former NFL great Dhani Jones to a couple of the biggest football games of the year to explore the drama that can go along with tailgating. As you’ll see things got pretty wild.

Chef photo via Shutterstock