RSVLTS Venture Guide: South Lake Tahoe

We spent a glorious week in South Lake Tahoe at Heavenly Village. The seven day mancation gave us ample time to see the town and experience everything. From food to skiing to partying. If you need to take a vacation with your bros this is the place to do it and we’ve got your cheat sheet to having a good time.

Where To Eat

When it comes down to picking the best place to eat in South Lake Tahoe there is Base Camp Pizza Company and then there is everything else. BCPC’s specialty, “The Base Camp” brick oven pizza, consists of ham, pepperoni, peppers and more.  Our group collectively agreed that “The Base Camp” is possibly one of the most delicious pizzas we’ve ever eaten. In fact, someone in our group ate a Base Camp each of the seven days we were at Heavenly. So to reiterate, visit Base Camp Pizza Company and have their specialty pizza.

The best time to go to Base Camp Pizza Company is during happy hour which runs from 2-6pm, seven days a week. The bar area will have a good crowd of people returning from their day on the mountain.  During happy hour you can score a pizza and a draft beer for $12 and once you pound the beer, switch over to PBR, which runs you only $2 during happy hour.

Now you can’t eat at Base Camp Pizza Company every day, well actually you can because we did. But if you want to switch it up, check out Fire + Ice for a unique dining experience.

If late-night eats are your thing then check out The Lucky Beaver after you get done partying at Opal (see below). Once you leave the casinos and take the short walk back to Heavenly Village, keep an eye out for Lucky Beaver. It will be on the left side and you can’t miss the giant flaming grill in the main window. Snag the cheddar bacon burger, sub out the fries for onion rings and have them add some crab fry seasoning. 

Where To Party

If you’re at Heavenly during the week don’t plan on enjoying too much of a nightlife scene. Things are quiet Sunday through Wednesday. And by quiet we mean there is literally nothing to do. But don’t let that scare you. Instead of going out and getting a massive hang over, catch a movie at Heavenly Village Cinemas or get a good dinner and wake up early to get a full day of skiing in.

Now, if you are in town during the prime Thursday, Friday and Saturday period, then you need to check out Opal Ultralounge at the MountBleu Casino. It is the be-all, end-all hot spot in South Lake Tahoe.


Thursday night, all drinks are $1. Yup, that is no joke. Everything. Even Red Bull vodka’s are $1 as opposed to their typical price of $4.50…gotta love those mountain village prices.  On Friday night, Opal offers ladies what might be the deal of the century: ladies drink for free. Just another reason to do back-to-back nights at Opal. And to make it the trifecta, Saturday the town swells with people from San Francisco, making it Opal’s big party night.

The resident DJ plays all the hottest club songs, the go-go dancers are beautiful and bottle service can be had for as little as $160.  The line can get kind of long, but when you arrive talk to the people working the door and they might be able to help you out.

What To Wear (Club)

The dress codes at the clubs are extremely lax… and by “lax” I mean you’ll see people wearing hoodies and sneakers. And not a cool Gossling hoodie, we’re taling more Zuckerberg. We recommend wearing a button down and jeans.  But if you’re from New York City, be prepared for a little fashion culture shock. It’s a little bizarre. You might even run into a legit gold prospector, like we did in the photo above. But dont worry, the people are super friendly and after a few drinks, you’ll get over it.

Where To Stay

The key to having a good time is staying as close as possible to the main chairlift up to Heavenly Mountain. You best option is the Marriott Timber Lodge. It has a massive year-round heated pool, three hot tubs and is located directly next to the Heavenly life.

Scenic Viewpoints

The entire mountain is one enormous scenic viewpoint. Some of the best views come at the top of the Dipper Line lift see the GIF below. At this view point you’lll have uninterrupted views of Nevada, nearly two miles below.

While the Dipper Line lift’s views are impressive, you can’t see Lake Tahoe. So if you want a cool view of the lake, head to the very peak of the mountain, at the top of the Sky Express lift. There, you’ll be able to see Lake Tahoe from 10,040 feet. The photo below really doesn’t do it justice.

View the mountain map here >>

What To Wear (Mountain)

The dress codes at the clubs are extremely lax but when you’re on the mountain that is another story. Heavenly offers world-class skiing and snowboarding so only the freshest gear is appropriate. Obviously a jacket, gloves, pants, goggles and face mask are prerequisites. We recommend products from an industry leader like Oakley. These mountains can be physically demanding so you need to be protected from the elements, while also looking your best.

During our week at Heavenly our resident shred master, Evan Haupt, was decked out in Oakley’s Originate  jacket and pants. These are 100% water-proof, with a fixed hood and skirt to keep snow from going down your back. The jacket has hand pockets that keep snow from going up your sleeves, and a cool color scheme that will literally stop people in their tracks. While we were at Raley’s, the local grocery store, two people stopped to compliment the jacket and one guy actually remembered seeing it on the mountain that day. An impressive fusion of fashion and peak winter sport technology.

Ever have one of those downhill runs where you’re sure you broke some speed record? Ever pull off a trick with such amplitude that you could swear you left earth’s atmosphere for a second? And wouldn’t it be cool to know for sure? Well now you can. We got to use the Oakley Airwave goggles which are the most technically advanced goggles ever created. They have a screen onboard that will show your downhill speed, distance, jump height and more. Amazing!

To keep the Oakley theme going, and to create a perfect weatherized seal, we used Oakley gloves. They are thin and maneuverable but also warm enough to fight anything the Sierra Nevada Mountains could throw at us.

Obviously we would recommend wearing thermals under your pants and a long-sleeve t-shirt and hoodie under your jacket to offer added protection. Hand and foot warmers are also recommended if you was want a warm day for your extremities on the mountain.

Visiting The Lake

On an off-day we walked down to Lake Tahoe. It is a short 10-minute walk from Heavenly Village and something you must absolutely do when you’re in town. We walked down and were initially disappointed because the beach is fenced in and we couldn’t find a way in. But then a nice local resident told us about a door that is left unlocked. See the photo below. It is attached to a small snack stand right on the beach. It was our top-secret passage way to one of the coolest experiences of the entire trip.

We were fortunate that the weather was beautiful. Tahoe was in the middle of a warm streak that saw temperatures around 55 degrees. At the lake we were able to catch some rays, feed the ducks and marvel in the clarity of the water. It is difficult to describe in words, so you must see for yourself.

One tip: There are dozens of ducks that chill in the lake right by the shore. You can train the ducks to follow you as you walk down the shore. Just kick some of the sand into the lake and the ducks will swim over. Once you have their attention, they are yours. One group of ducks followed Tommy Z, aka the Duck Whisperer, for a good quarter mile. It was hilarious.

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