A Comprehensive Guide To The Best Super Bowl Bars In New Orleans

As New Orleans gears up to play host for Super Bowl XLVII, the city is ready and waiting with open arms to show NFL fans for the tenth time in history their brand of Super Bowl party. On February 3, the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens will embark on a 60 minute journey to earn their place in sports history. The best part is, as fans, all we have to do is sit back and watch.

Though, it is not at all that simple for the fans that take great pride in watching the greatest sport event we patiently wait for every year. The preparation for game day isn’t an easy road. There’s food, attire, location, adult beverages, and anything else you fancy that needs to be exactly where you want it prior to kick off. For the lucky souls that will be attending the game or on location, The Roosevelts have prepped up an easy guide to help you make your decisions on where to enjoy this incredible day of professional football. Check out our list of great spots to view the game in style with the atmosphere to match.

1. Cajun Mike’s

There’s one thing you gotta realize about New Orleans, it’s a town with rich history of food and fun. Cajun Mike’s on Baronne right off Bourbon street knows exactly what it takes to embody that New Orleans style off all things Cajun. They aren’t going to be your coat and tie joint, but when visiting New Orleans, the best places you’ll find where you have the most fun have absolutely no dress codes. Cajun Mike’s has some great drink specials and some incredible Cajun bar food. They have a $5 domestic beer and well shot special that is always running, among other great specials. Their crab dip and crawfish cake sliders are phenomenal. Very affordable and a great place to check out Super Bowl XLVIII. Also, they make the New Orleans staple, Cachon De Lait, like no body else.

2. Tracey’s Original Irish Channel Bar

Revered as quite possibly the best sports bar in New Orleans, Tracey’s on Magazine and Third isn’t your run of the mill establishment in the Crescent City. Tracey’s has been in action since 1949 and is uptown. They have 20 high-def televisions for your sports utopia with the claim to have the ‘Best Roast Beef Po-Boy on Earth.’ With an absolutely amazing building in all of New Orleans old style architecture glory, Tracey’s has enough room for you and almost as many of your friends you can find. There are $5 Zombie Drinks and Bloody Mary specials going on all the time. Great soups, salads, shrimp dishes, a ton of incredible bar food (gravy cheese fries…mmmm), and the best po-boys on earth. This is an ideal spot for any sports event, but the perfect spot for this year’s Super Bowl.

3. R Bar

Also known as The Royal Street Inn & Bar, R Bar is located on the bottom of this self-proclaimed ‘Bed and Beverage’ lush hotel on Royal street. These guys know how to make you feel right where you need to be. Only a half of a mile down from Bourbon street, nestled right in the Faubourg Marigny neighborhood where the who’s who of New Orleans tends to call their stomping grounds. People often refer to R Bar as something similar to the likes they would find in a more culturally progressive town such as San Francisco or Seattle. Though, still with a great New Orleans style. Rumor has it that the owner will time to time do sometime pretty awesome and outrageous stuff. For example, during a Saints game during 2011 he (allegedly) had shots on the house and brought in a brass band during halftime to play a bit. Pretty neat stuff that may not happen every day, but just knowing this could potentially happen makes it all worth while.

4. Cooter Brown’s

Now this place is definitely going to be off the beaten path a little, but well worth the trek. Cooter Brown’s is located Uptown in the historic Riverbend section. With over 40 beers on tap and roughly 400 domestic and import bottle beers, these guys know their stuff. Since Cooter Brown’s is out of the way and not exactly going to be stumbled upon by your average tourist, you won’t get your normal unruly crowds causing too much raucous with rambunctious attitudes. The guests of this famous bar are there for a few reasons. Great beer selections, 17 high-defintion televisions with two 8-foot projection screens, and the best oysters and “local” food you can find in New Orleans. This has been the go-to spot for John Wayne, W.C. Fields, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Alfred Hitchcock, and Mickey Mantle in years past. They were voted as the #1 Bar to Watch Sports at by Gambit Magazine and they’re open for the Super Bowl with a chair just for you, a teeth-chattering draft, and an inviting atmosphere that will assure your return.

This article was written by the brillant author Gus Penton. Big thanks to him for putting it together and be sure to keep an eye out for more from him.