Exclusive: Hunter Hayes Performs at the Pepsi 5th Quarter Official Super Bowl After-Party

Hunter Hayes is nominated for three Grammy Awards and is the most exciting young talent in the industry. He performed at Pepsi’s 5th Quarter official Super Bowl after-party for a very intimate crowd of a few dozen. Pepsi invited us out to the party and we were fortunate enough to score a spot in the very front. Judging by the reaction we got to our Justin Timberlake videos we figured you guys like seeing music content so we used the opportunity to shoot some video.

Hunter reminds us of a young John Mayer with country influence. He is immensely talented, performing every instrument on his debut, self-titled album, has a great voice and wrote or co-wrote all the songs on the album as well. This is a staggering trifecta that will make him a force for years to come.


Hunter Hayes “Storm Warning”


Hunter Hayes “Wanted”


Hunter Hayes “Light Me Up”