Top Top Fives: Our Favorite Website This Week

A single website to search or create ‘best of’ lists of anything is a simple concept we’ve all wondered why it didn’t exist yet. We’ve found one and I’m addicted.

Want a crowd sourced opinion on the Top Five Gangster Films? How about Tea Flavors, Belgium Beers, Prime Numbers or Bart Simpson Crack Phone Calls? You might be like me and create Top Five Dance Moves That Don’t Exist Yet. I spoke with Tom, one of the creators of the site, on this stroke of brilliance.

The idea for the site began seven years ago on a surfing vacation with a group of friends. While discussing the top 5 albums of the year wich much discussion and deliberation, they began compiling the consensus for every ‘Top 5’ they could think of into a notebook.

After many drinks and conversation, one list lead to the next until they’d made hundreds; football teams, guitarists, cheeses, anything. They still have the original old notebook filled with hundreds of Top 5 lists on weird and wonderful categories.

Inspired by the Top 5 notebook, Tom created a framed picture of a hundred hand-written Top 5 lists on a framed sheet of paper as a gift for my sister’s birthday. (I seriously think he should sell these, it’s awesome) It still hangs in her house today and always generates comment and debate from visitors. It is this concept that they have tried to replicate for

“We want to be a place where people share the very best of anything and everything. We believe simple top five lists are a creative and informative insight into what someone holds near and dear. A list of only five requires discerning taste, making room for only the elite,” says Tom. “We want only the best. Sorry number six, you can’t join in.”

When two or more people make lists on the same category, the site merges them together into ‘Top Top Lists’ showing the democratic view of all users.

We hope Top Top Lists will become a way to see the ‘Top Five Restaurants in NYC’ or the ‘Top Five European Cities’. We can’t wait to see what will be added.

In the near future, their plan is to make it work seamlessly on mobile. Creating, sharing and viewing lists from friends on a mobile device is where they intend to focus most effort to develop the site in 2013.

To create your own compilation of Top five lists and share them with everyone else head over to It’s really that simple.


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