Introducing the HTC One

We’ve been using the Droid DNA by HTC for months now. Our relationship with the DNA started as a way to update our Instagram feed (@RSVLTS) but blossomed into the greatest lovefest we’ve ever had with a phone. The large screen, light wight, fantastic camera, Beats By Dre, apps galore, and solid email management all make up for the less than stellar battery life.

But now, HTC is launching a new phone that is going directly after Droid DNA’s market share and this has piqued our interest.

The HTC One, launched this morning in New York City, has all the elements of a great phone. Aluminum body with 4.7″ 1080p screen, a 4-megapixel rear-facing camera and, as we see in the chart below, features that rival the best of breed on the market.

One glaring issue for us is the 4 megapixel camera. If you know anything about, you know we love sharing high quality mobile photos and this might not cut it. In the next few weeks we’re hoping to get our hands on an HTC One to do a side-by-side camera test with the Droid DNA.