Nikon D7100 Is The Sexiest DSLR On The Market

As soon as I saw the new Nikon D7100 I immediately started to think about all the amazing original videos we could produce for our growing YouTube page. Most people use DSLR’s for their incredible photo capabilities, this new camera is packing some serious heat with it’s 24 mega pixel and 51-point autofocus system, but the real sexiness comes from it’s video capabilties.

The D7100 features full-time auto-focus and manual exposure control during recording, a built-in stereo mic and an external stereo mic jack, headphone and HDMI jacks, and several HD formats to choose from, including 1080p at a variety of recording speeds and 720p at up to 60p for superior slow-motion videos. Recording time is extended too, with two SD card slots to capture footage.

The best part, it has all the capabilities of the $3,000+ camera but it comes in at just around $1,200. Pure beast mode for any reputable content creator out there.