Style Watch: The Early Winter Wanderer

With the numbing touch of winter nipping at your finger tips, you’ll need to be prepared for the array of bone chilling elements mama nature throws at you and she’s got more of an arsenal than Clayton Kershaw. Any day of the week could be a bingo ball choice of weather, so it’s best you be prepared on a daily basis. Layers are key especially on a temperature fluctuating commute to work. If your daily routine consists of outside, subway, outside, bus, outside, office, hot as balls for the rest of the day, then you need to dress accordingly. A light Flannel shirt topped with a light sweatshirt will take you miles during the day. Ice that with a weatherproof, but breathable jacket and you have yourself a layered barrier between the dead of winter and your body.

H&M Plaid Shirt Basic flannel shirt with double chest pocket and fairly lightweight $29.95/ UNDFTD Grey Combat Crewneck $87Aether Nimbus 3-in-1  A multifunctional city jacket and vest combo, the Nimbus is a 3-in-1 systems piece that lets you adapt as the weather changes $895/ Addict Naval Beanie Naval style beanie with chunky rib knit and turn up $30/  Uniqlo Wind Proof Chino These wind-proof chinos protect legs from chilling wind. A slim fit and flat front give them a stylish edge $49/ L.L. Bean Maine Hunting Sock Ask your grandfather, in the days of the war, you know what war, the most important thing on a soldiers body was his socks. Choose them wisely $30/ Helmut II Gunsmoke Shoe An entirely waterproof boot made of high-density nylon and SWIMS’ signature rubber. This boot, inspired by the classic desert boot, will keep you both warm and dry in rain or snow. $259/ Carhartt Back Flies Backpack Work In Progress (WIP) represents the forward-thinking way of living that still encompasses the classic aesthetics of the iconic brand $136/