20 Reasons Why Paul Rodriguez’s Skateboarding Skills Are Better In GIF Form [RSVLTS Exclusive]

Paul Rodriguez has quite the skateboarding resume. He is a four time X-Game Gold medalist, Nike SB’s first sponsored rider and has most recently teamed with with legendary tattoo artist Mr. Cartoon and AXE for an in-store takeover of Targets across America.

As part of the celebration for his new line dubbed AXE Kilo we spent the afternoon with Rodriguez at Bathhouse Studios in Manhattan where he laid down some of his sickest tricks. We had a camera rolling to catch the whole thing and as we have proved time and time again with world famous athletes like Mike Tyson, Kate Upton, water slide bloopers, trick shot videos, Christopher Walken dance moves, and many others watching Paul Rodriguez’s masterful skateboarding skills is Better in GIF Form.

Give all the GIFS a moment to load, it’ll be worth it!