RSVLTS First Ever Giant Jenga Tournament Got Pretty Rowdy [Photos + Video]

This Thursday at RSVLTS HQ, we not only hosted our 4th week of RSVLTS Cuts presented by AXE Hair, but threw in a Giant Jenga tournament with a $100 grand prize kicker. After the mass confusion of a Jenga game at least 100x bigger than a regular Jenga game settled, things got ridiculously (and comically) competitive. You could practically cut the tension with a knife, guess that’s what happens when an oversized check for $100 featuring Grumpy Cat wearing a Pharrell hat is on the line.

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In the end the founders of Jersey City’s first brewery called Departed Soles Brewery, won the entire tournament.

We had a few paparazzos capturing all the action, so check it out below and if you want to play in our next RSVLTS Cuts, giant jenga tourney, or want to find out about future RSVLTS parties (we have two in the works that are very exciting), sign up below:

Teddy Roosevelt, our guest of honor for the night, has scaled the tallest Jenga towers.

Yes, that is an enormous Grumpy Cat check for the winner of the tourney

Let the tournament begin!

When the towers got super high things got pretty competitive. Candice pulled off an epic power move. How the tower defied physics and didn’t fall over might be the greatest scientific mystery of all-time

John simply can not believe he got that brick out.

Even with all this jenga action going on around him our barber was able to give out nearly a dozen fresh hair cuts without cutting off a single ear!

Then…John pulled off one of the best moves of the night…

The block was really wedged in there so he pulled it out like a stuck on bandaid and the strategy worked. People lost their shit. Watch the video:

The first round tower, Team Candice vs Ram Rod, reached world record height but then it came crashing down after it hit 40 levels:

On tower two Dave wasn’t left with many options but he went for it. Unfortunately the jenga Gods were not on his side.

Our friend John from Mattoos Entertainment brought along his professional camera and took some pictures on the roof, he also brought a fish-eye lens to give a cool perspective on the night.

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