Running Never Felt So Soft: The Adidas Ultra Boost Review

Adidas’ BOOST technology is now being introduced to different facets of their company, running, basketball and even casual wear with the drop of their Yeezy line. We had an opportunity to test out their newest addition, the Ultra Boost, claiming the runner has 20% more boost cushioning material making impact not only much more forgiving, but adding acceleration upon release.

Upper- The first thing noticed when you try on the shoe is how well it molds to your foot, it’s PrimeKnit technology feels completely different than last years model which is a great sign for this shoe, but more importantly where PrimeKnit is headed. Although it’s probably not the best option for running outdoors in the winter, the PrimeKnit does weave tighter in high-stress areas like the toe area also keeping your foot fairly warm. The only real structure on it’s upper is the counter and a black support cage around the midfoot that is a little reminiscent of a Nike Presto (Not in the terrible way it sounds). The support cage is solid, but pretty flexible adding to the snugness of the shoe without suffocating your foot. Definitely a positive if your foot cramps if a shoe feels too tight. Lace these babies up as tight as you can, it’s spandex/knit upper feels great while letting your foot breath a bit. The support cage works it’s way around the shoe for full heel support which is necessary considering the rest of the shoe is made of yarn.

Cushioning- Any true running blog or sneaker review site will all say the same about midsole BOOST technology. It’s phenomenal. It’s responsive, protective, consistent and more than anything durable. Each BOOST cell gives in, then gives back easing pressure on your shins and knees at every step. I’ve been running in a pair of Energy BOOSTs indoor and out for over a year and aside from wear on the sole, the BOOST cushioning remains as durable as the day I got them. This go around, adidas completely did away with a traditional EVA midsole giving you the full feel of the BOOST, and you could definitely feel the contours of the ground while running. The sole of the shoe might be my favorite part, if not for the incredible cushioning and snug PrimeKnit, it’s made with a series of small bumps for traction, think of a turf shoe sole but on a bigger scale. Though it might not the best choice for lateral movements and multi-directional training, they still might be a shoe to consider with a very high threshold for impact and great sole for traction.