Watch Canadian Lewis Kent Destroy The Beer Mile World Record [Video]

It’s been an exciting year for the Beer Mile, a most unique sport that finds the runner pounding a 12-ounce beer — at least 5% ABV — before each lap around a quarter-mile track. In August, Australian Josh Harris set a new world record with a Beer Mile time of 4:56. Unfortunately for Josh, later that very same day, Canadian Lewis Kent beat that time with a 4:55.78 run. Then last month, fellow Canadian Corey Gallagher beat the record with a time of 4:54.4. But Kent didn’t want to give up the throne and yesterday he again reclaimed the world record with an insanely impressive 4:51.9 run. What’s next for the world’s most exciting drinking sport? Gallagher and Hunt will face off at the Flo Beer Mile World Championships in Austin, Texas in December. We can only imagine that records will be broken.