This 8,000 Calorie Sandwich Is Like A Double Down On Steroids

Remember when KFC introduced the Double Down back in 2010 and everyone thought that putting bacon and cheese between two fried chicken patties was so over the top? That was nothing. Feast your eyes on the Parmo Kebab:

So what the hell is it? For those not familiar with the local cuisine of Middlesbrough, England, a parmo is a breaded chicken patty covered in cheese. The Parmo Kebab is is two huge parmos with gyro meat stuffed in between. It’s 8,000 calories — about four times what someone should eat in a day — yet costs just £13.95 ($17.40).

The Parmo Kebab is available at the George Pub & Grill, where brave diners who wish to tackle the sandwich must first sign a form to say they won’t sue in the event of a heart attack. But if someone is showing signs of a heart attack after ingesting the gargantuan sandwich, the pub will do the upstanding thing and pay the cab fare to the hospital!