Christopher Nolan Proves That All Movie Posters Are The Same

French film distributor Christophe Courtois is no stranger to movie posters. Having dealt with thousands of movies in his day, Courtois noticed a growing trend in the world of movie posters. Each cliche poster has its own genre of film associated with the style of poster. Or so we think. His blog was written in french.

With the release of Christopher Nolan’s latest poster for Dunkirk we decided to showcase the various types of movie posters and how they’re all the same look.

The Christopher Nolan

Hollywood has a very scientific formula for producing movie posters and even the great Christopher Nolan is an offender. This style features a shadowy figure with his back towards the audience as he stares off to some sort of explosion. Nolan’s style is very similar to the Cold Shoulder which you can see below.

The Nolan

The Cold Shoulder

The Cold Shoulder poster features the mysterious lead with a chip on (you guessed it) their shoulder. The long trenchcoat is also a trending feature of these, dark and ominous characters.

The Explosion

Action. Bullets. Fire. EXPLOSIONS. Bruce Willis: 3. Jason Stathom, 3. Nic Cage: 5. I smell a villian for “The Expendables 3: Someone Stole the Declaration of Indepenance”.

The Lady Turnback

They are powerful, smart and strong women. They don’t need a man to tell them squat, because they’re independent and could solve any problem. Even when they’re busy saving the world, they still have time to look back at you, flex their glutes and say “I am not a piece of meat. This is a respectable pose.”

The Quirky Public Bench

Corky and lovable, but has a problem. No worries, whatever it may be, I’m sure it will all work out in the end, but until it does lets just sit on this bench and think about the world for a while.

The Text Message

A fairly new method of sending a message about a movie via text on said movie star’s face. Matt Damon’s face appears 3 times on this board. I guess he has a very writable face, must’ve been a great canvas for the nights he’d pass out drunk during his Harvard days.

The Tom Cruise Profile

Hollywood loves the side of his Tom’s face. Rumor has it every mirror in Tom’s house has two ajacent mirrors angled at 45 degrees so he can catch a glimpse of his profile at all times. That could quite possibly be true.

The Blindfold

See no evil. We get it. The movie is trying to say there’s a mystery or secret here and gosh darn it someones going to figure it out.

The Sunglasses Reflection

Something about sunglasses that just make everyone seem a little cooler. Well maybe except of #1 and 3. What better way to get a 360 degree visual than to get a full frontal of the movies star and the point of view from their very own eyes? 100% of people wearing glasses in these posters are the protagonist or antagonist and portrayed to the the coolest bro in the movie.

The Eye See You

Nothing more visual than an all seeing eyeball. Especially when there’s an image or graphic that should otherwise not be associated with an eye on, in or around it. Since the eye is one, if not the most sensitive part of your body, nothing turns a head for better or worse than a giant eyeball associated with a foreign object. Not a shocker than most of these flicks are Horror, thriller or suspenseful.

The Back to Back

The two protagonists, usually who have contrasting personalities, back to back in true odd couple fashion. Shows the symbiotic connection between two opposing forces.  Usually a romady, dramady, or comedic-fartady.

The 5 Hole

No mystery here. Guys like a nice pair of legs that go on for days and where better than to smack the title of a movie than between them. Thank you Hollywood.