Galactic Empire Is The Heavy Metal Star Wars Cover Band You Never Knew You Wanted

Sure, Star Wars is memorable for its groundbreaking visual effects, but the series wouldn’t be nearly as iconic without its unforgettable score from Hollywood legend John Williams. Williams’ music is so inseparable from the franchise that it took nearly 40 years before anyone else would score a live-action Star Wars film, as Michael Giacchino recently did with Rogue One. As great as the Star Wars score is, it’s not the sort of music you can see performed live at your local bar or club, due to the necessary orchestra. Or is it?

Galactic Empire is a heavy metal band like no other. Not only does the entire band dress as characters from the film, including Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and a Stormtrooper, they also play metal versions of John Williams’ classic score. Every part of the orchestra has been recreated by five-piece with incredible results.

Check out Galactic Empire’s badass covers of the Main Theme and Imperial March below and be sure to get their debut album when it hits February 3.