How To Achieve An Endless Summer of Surf and Adventure

It’s big wave season within the surfing world, and if you’re at all thrill seekers like the crew at RSVLTS HQ (or fans of Point Break in general), it’s safe to assume many of your social media feeds have likely also been flooded with similar videos of aqua daredevils taking on 30ft+ water walls like only Bodhi and Johnny Utah could handle.

And specifically, it’s nearing the finals of the amazing Billabong Pipe Masters competition in Hawaii, where sites like the World Surf League stream and post some incredible footage daily of the all the insane action (dude, bruh!).

Longing for some major sun, sea and surf at this moment, it’s easier than ever these days to escape the icy vortex weather to get a little R&R vacation…and some surfing of your own. And tacos. However you don’t have to be a big wave surfer like John John Florence or Kelly Slater to get all the added benefits of surfing, thankfully, which believe us from experience is great in terms of both fitness and lifestyle.

SurfYogaBeer is one example of a company that not only offers year-round adventure retreats to ensure an endless summer, but they also provide a means to travel the world and meet other like-minded people along the way. Wait…surfing is a big yes, but yoga is not your thing? Definitely give it an honest try, because it’s actually a much tougher workout than most guys think AND provides massive added benefits (read: babes). And beer. It’s in the name, so ‘nuff said there.

Though, if staying local is more your thing, there are other surf-style exercise opportunities popping up across the country that give you a similar crazy hard workout and badass appeal, such as Surf Set Fitness, and without ever having to set foot in the ocean whatsoever.

All Bodhi and Johnny Utah approved, of course. Get stoked.