How A Lightsaber Works [Infographic]

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story earned the second-highest December opening in Hollywood history over the weekend, second only to last year’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens, proving that Disney’s acquisition of the property for $4 billion was the smartest business move of all time. It also means that more and more folks are getting interested in all things Star Wars so they can profess to be “nerds.” And when it comes to Star Wars minutiae, nothing beats knowing how a lightsaber works.

Now I’m fairly certain that when George Lucas originally made Star Wars, he had no idea how to explain how lightsabers work — he just though they would look cool onscreen. And he was right. But then people demanded to know more about the universe, leading to sequels and prequels and comic books and novels and cartoon series. And eventually, we got an explanation of how the damn things actually work.

Kander10 Designs and Forbes created the following infographic to explain the science behind the coolest gadget in the Star Wars universe. There are some details attributed to “the force,” but for the most part, the mysticism had been explained. And for an added bonus, there is even a comparison to how a fan-made lightsaber works and now we want one.

Source: Forbes