Watch Darth Vader And Kylo Ren Wreak Havoc In This Holiday Short

Have you ever seen the Star Wars Christmas Special from the late ’70s that featured Chewbacca’s family, Jefferson Starship, and pre-Golden Girls Bea Arthur? I am sincerely sorry if you have. Aside from the Boba Fett cartoon, it was atrocious and guaranteed that Star Wars and Christmas would never meet again. Well…almost never.

Last year, “Darth Santa” was a YouTube hit, garnering over eight million views. The comedy clip featured Darth Vader ruining Christmas and, after nearly 40 years, proved that Christmas and Star Wars did not have to be mortal enemies. And now Darth Santa is back.

In “Darth Santa Strikes Back,” the sith lord is visited by his daughter, Princess Leia, who drops off her son to spend the day with Poppop. That’s right, Darth Santa is joined by Kylo Ren in this year’s quest to destroy Christmas. And best of all, no Bea Arthur!