46 ‘Rogue One’ Shots That Didn’t Make It Into The Final Film

Now that Christmas is behind us and you have had a few days off, there is absolutely no excuse for not seeing Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. And if you pored over every trailer and teaser before seeing the film, you may have realized that a lot of that footage that you burned to memory never made it into the final film. What gives? Trailers are always made before the final cut of the film, so finding a few shots that aren’t in the final product is common, but Rogue One seemed to have more than most. As it turns out, 40% of the film was reshot and it was tweaked quite a bit to change the tone. The result is lots of footage in the numerous trailers that never made it into the final cut, including these 46 shots collected by film editor Vashi Nedomansky.