The 5 Big Companies That Control The World’s Beer [Infographic]

Thanks to the craft beer revolution, interest in beer has expanded past macrobrews such as Budweiser, Coors and Miller. In addition to big-time craft breweries, such as Goose Island and Blue Moon, we also have plenty of imports from all over the world taking shelf space away from the big guys. So why don’t Budweiser or Coors put up more of a fight? Because they and three other companies own many of those craft and import brands.

Last October, shareholders approved a merger between Budweiser parent AB InBev and Miller parent SABMiller. The $107 billion deal was the biggest in the history of the beer business and it shed new light on just how many domestic, craft and import brands are now owned by the same conglomerate.

Check out just how many familiar brands are now owned by AB InBev and four other conglomerates in the infographic below and see how this “illusion of choice” also exists outside the beer world with 10 Corporations That Own Almost Everything You Buy.

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