The Winner of Our Fake Donald Trump Song Title Contest Is…

We put out a call on on Instagram and Facebook for RSVLTS fans to submit their wittiest fake Donald Trump song title.

The best submission would win a $25 giftcard to RSVLTS Store. Simple.

After weeding through 200+ submissions we picked a winner.

If you submitted and didn’t win fear not, you’re not going home empty handed. Use promo code “ugeHands” for free shipping on any RSVLTS Store purchase.

3rd Place: @kylesprettyrad and @papanifty – “Mr. Tangerine Man”


2nd Place: @papanifty – “Comb on Over Baby”


Winner: @joshuakaufer – “If you want my body, and you think i’m sexy (because my hands are normal size)”


Others we liked:

@jdubbs116 – “Hair Force One”

@13shim0 – “If She Wasn’t My Daughter”

@goodolejg – “My Chiiinnaa Girl” (David Bowie parody)

@robcarp9 – “Huge Walls of Fire”

@joedinizio – “No More Hell Toupee”

@hey_sup_jacob – “You built a wall….around my heart”

@donmac_ – “I heard it through my Tan Lines”

@jditmore – “Ivanka hold your hand”

@cwshalle – “Hold my not tiny definitely normal to above average sized hands.”

@garrettbreland – “All I Want For Christmas is Yuge”

@frvnk_c – “Father Stretch My Little Hands”

@richardvelasco – “Hold on, you’re going home”

@takeflyte – “You Know It, I Know It, Everybody Knows It”

@garrettbreland – “Every Brick You Lay” (Every Breath You Take)

@13shim0 – “Did I Tweet That?”

@j_r_hard – “Trump the police”

@_b29 – “Teach me how to president”

@garrettbreland – “Smells Like Teen Spray-tan”

@cky78 – “Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me – Rage Against the Machine cover”

@richardvelasco – “Orange Beatles”

@breckan.n – “Monarchy in the USA”

@sean.vine – “It’s Not Easy Being Orange”

Marc Landes – “Don’t go breaking my wall (Lionel Richie cover)”

Keith Tauro – “All I do is win”

Matt Felix – “Small hands, big dreams”