The Red Band Trailer For ‘Death Race 2050’ Is Nonstop Violent Fun

In 1975, iconic B-movie producer Roger Corman released Death Race 2000, a cross-country race farce set in a dystopian future where points are rewarded for killing pedestrians. Starring David Carradine and Sylvester Stallone, the violent film quickly became a cult classic. An awful Hollywood remake which spawned a couple direct-to-video sequels was attempted about ten years ago, but we never got a true successor from Corman himself. Until now.

On January 17, Death Race 2050 is coming to Blu-ray, Digital HD & DVD. With all the low-budget, over-the-top violence and sex you expect from a quality B-movie, Death Race 2050 is the sequel we’ve been waiting for our entire lives. It’s just a shame that Sylvester Stallone didn’t return and that David Carradine…well…you know.


Legendary filmmaking icon, Roger Corman, is back with his most outrageous film yet in this sensational, action-packed and darkly humorous reboot of the original Death Race 2000! It’s the year 2050 and America is controlled by an all-powerful corporate government ruled by The Chairman (Malcolm McDowell). The masses have been brainwashed with violent virtual-reality entertainment. The event of the year is the Death Race, in which a motley crew of violent drivers compete in a cross-country road race, scoring points for shamelessly running people over and driving each other off the road. The reigning champion and fan favorite, Frankenstein (Manu Bennett), who’s half-man half-machine, wants to take the crown, but his rebel spy co-pilot threatens his legacy.