The Ultimate Beer Glass Guide [Infographic]

When I was a kid, I remember watching my dad’s beer-drinking routine which involved opening a can of whatever macrobrew lager was on sale that week and pouring it into a frosted mug fresh from the freezer. Naturally, when I took up beer imbibing, I also poured my beer into a frosted mug. The only problem is that I had a lot more choices than just Bud or Miller and by drinking them out of the wrong glass, I was doing them a huge disservice.

Step into any craft beer bar and you will notice glasses in all shapes and sizes. That’s because different glasses highlight different aspects of beer. And while it may seem needlessly excessive at first, it starts to make sense when you learn the reasoning behind the varied glassware.

Learn all about beer glasses in the infographic guide below from Revivol and while you won’t necessarily rush out to buy dozens of different glasses for your home, you will think twice before pouring a handcrafted microbrew into a frosted mug.

Source: Revivol