The ‘Zelda’ Theme Performed By An Orchestra Of Old Computer Parts Sounds Like Childhood

Obviously when we hear the classic soundtracks of original NES games like Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda — both composed by the great Koji Kondo — we are transported back to those halcyon days of video games, fruit snacks and, most importantly, zero responsibility. But there are other sounds that remind of us our childhood that are much less obvious. In the same way that Proust’s Narrator in Remembrance of Things Past was flooded with memories after tasting a madeleine cake, most ’80s and ’90s kids will suddenly remember playing Kid Pix and The Oregon Trail in the elementary school computer lab when they hear the cacophony of a floppy disk drive.

So when the sounds of old computer hardware mix with iconic video game soundtracks, we can’t help but love it. And when it comes to performing NES theme songs on an orchestra of floppy drives, hard drives, and scanners, nobody does it better than the Floppotron.