Beef Jerky Flower Bouquets Have Us Excited For Valentine’s Day

Every man dreads Valentine’s Day and the requisite purchasing of flowers for our significant others not because we’re heartless and hate buying gifts for our lovely ladies, but because flowers are expensive and not really useful in any way. Who has $60 to waste on something that’s going to sit in a vase and die within a week? But $35 for beef jerky shaped like flowers? That’s something we can sink our teeth into.

Say It With Beef is the FTD for meat-eaters, with beef jerky arrangements in place of glorified weeds. Available in rose or daisy shapes, each arrangement is made from over 1/2 lb. of 100% high-quality beef jerky in original, teriyaki, peppered or mixed flavors. And forget the vase, these broquets come with a pint glass or mug.

Looks like we finally have a reason to welcome Valentine’s Day this year.