The Ultimate Rum Tasting Tour Of The Caribbean

If you think rum is only a spirit that goes well with Coke, you’re doing it wrong. Although it may have been a simple goto for cheap mixed drinks during college, the variety and flavors of rum are just as expansive as any other liquor. White, gold, dark and black rums all have their own unique flavors and uses as do the navy rums of former British colonies and the rhum agricole of French colonies. And all of these different rums can be found in the Caribbean. has put together the ultimate rum tasting tour of the caribbean featuring a signature distillery from each island. Although you could complete the tour by buying the rum at your local liquor store then imbibing them all whilst listening to the sweet sounds of Harry Belafonte, you’ll want to actually make the trip if you want to get the full effect including the food and culture. And now we Americans can even include Cuba in our travels! Thanks Obama!